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 Post subject: Avatar video game
PostPosted: Mon Mar 8, '10, 5:46 pm 
I read this article that the video game "Avatar" has not done very well in sales: ... ffice-bomb

Has anyone played this game? If so, what is your opinion of it?

I think if the movie "Avatar" had won the Oscar Award that it may have also helped sales of the "Avatar" video game, but that may not happen now since another movie won the Oscar Award?

Comments or Opinions?

 Post subject: Re: Avatar video game
PostPosted: Tue Mar 9, '10, 8:30 pm 
It's a video game based on a movie. Games like that have a reputation of being poorly made and not fun to play. I tend to avoid them myself because past experience has taught me that they aren't worth the money. I've found most of them to be too short, lacking any worthwhile story, and often with poor game mechanics.

Movie games just feel like the developers didn't care. It's as if they were making it just for the movie contract without being interested in making a good game.

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