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PostPosted: Tue Mar 15, '11, 1:55 am 
* As shown on Phantasy Star Chronicles

I am creating a game that is very loosely based on Phantasy Star 3, using some graphics ripped from the game. I created a town chipset that still needs a little fine tuning (shop signs need to have transparent backgrounds instead of shaded). Its pretty easy to put together a town exactly like the PS3 towns. This chipset was made for RPG Maker 2K, as the ease allows my children to create their own games.


I havent seen any chipsets specifically for PS3 anywhere (including the Charas project), so figured to try my hand at this.

PostPosted: Tue Mar 15, '11, 3:32 am 
Hopefully this'll be better then that one RM2k PSIII game I played a few years back. Chipsets are very easy to create, you can easily do it using MS paint if you want to.

PostPosted: Tue Mar 15, '11, 4:20 pm 
Yah, the hardest part was making sure everything fit and looked decent when played (such as the door to shops were actually 2 spaces instead of one where you just enter).

My game is based 1K yrs after Crys' quest, set on the planet with 2 moons. I chose Crys as the original story made the most sense to me: Rhys marrying the woman he sought and Ayn marrying Sari instead of his cousin. Adan would have made sense as well, as Rhys could have held the grudge against layans, and Nial marrying the sister of the long held enemy. The ending for Crys however made more sense to me as it would start out on a brand new planet and not Earth.

Some of the preliminary features include:

- Cyborgs are no longer existent (monster/party) and most technology has been lost.
- No Layas Pendant, all caves are still sealed with gems. There is a gem which will open all caves however.
- Laser equipment is replaced by Titanium, an element on the new world
- The new world has the 7 areas as in PS3, though different maps/town setups (mostly).

The script is similar to PS3, with minor differences. To get the first char, you still need to talk to a couple people, but the char is in the rebuilt city of Satera. The path is similar to the one you undertake for PS3, I tried to make it so you have to complete certain quests in each world before getting the gem to open a new world. I am making sure I have the basic gameplay written down before I start to really create the game. I will then be tinkering around with monster/character stats to ensure a fun but competitive gameplay. I also dont want Meseta to be uber plentiful where you will have millions of Me and nothing to spend it on. Legend of Dragoon was pretty good at balancing the money with equipment.

PostPosted: Tue Mar 15, '11, 10:43 pm 
I see I see, I have a similar idea as well. I was gonna remake the complete PSIII but I've sorta given up on that, not due to lack of time or just cause I'm giving up on it. I've stopped working on the PSIII complete remake due to the fact that I know personally I wouldn't do the game justice.

Now I do however have a project in the works that deals with a few of my own personal characters, as well as spans over the course of the first Generation. I'm more writing the idea out, as well as making sprites and artworks but I won't really reveal anything until I've made a good amount of completion on it. I just don't want to get peoples hopes up again only to have them be all booo Kaloes booo.

PostPosted: Thu Mar 17, '11, 2:43 am 
I hear ya there. I would love to know how many RPG Maker games even remotely get finished, and of those how many are actually fun to play or if they simply have one person going around killing thing and thats it.

PostPosted: Sun Mar 20, '11, 12:23 am 
I reuploaded the image, as I totally forgot to add the Layan Castle portcullis. I will be creating the Layan and Orakian castles now, I know its not a big deal but still :P

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