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 Post subject: Marine Ball
PostPosted: Thu Jul 21, '11, 11:48 pm 
Not too familiar with this and exactly what it is and all but lately it is making the news big time. It seems that some Marines have asked various celebrities to attend a Marine Ball event with them and some of the celebrities have accepted and some have declined.

So far, I've heard of Justin Timberlake being asked, and I think he accepted. Also some actress named Mila Kunis has accepted an invite. However, actress Betty White who was received an invitation has declined to attend due to other working engagements, or something along those lines.

But now, actress Linda Hamilton ("Terminator", "Beauty & The Beast") has said that she wants to be invited to go to the Ball with the Marine that Betty White turned down. :o

It remains to be seen if she'll be invited or how all this will turn out.

Has anyone here ever been to a Marine Ball?

It must be quite an occassion. :yaknow:

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