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PostPosted: Mon Apr 28, '14, 10:20 pm 
Hey, basically, in this, you make a comedy act of a scene in Phantasy Star IV.Like most of my posts, here are mine!

-At the Sandworm in Mile-
Chaz:Come on! This thing can't be that hard!
Rika:Be careful! It's pretty big!
Gryz:What is the worst that this thing...
Sandworm:-attacks Hahn-
Hahn:Owowowowow -drops onto ground-
Everyone:-stunned expression-
Gryz:...could do ... ?
Rika:Chaz! It's no good! Even Res won't repair Hahn's wounds!
Alys:-beats Sandworm-
-everyone but Hahn gains about 5 levels-
Rika:It's still no good! Even GiRes won't repair Hahn's wounds!
Chaz:...what about our house ?
Rika:Oh yeah! Seed told me that sleeping revives you!

This is for the Sandworms in Termi...

Chaz:Another one ? Well, we might as well take it out!
Rika:Be careful!
Gryz:What is the worst it...
Sandworm:-uses Earthquake-
-everyone but Gryz, who is barely able to stand after that, falls to the ground-
Gryz:-jaw drops slowly-
Gryz:There is only one more thing to do ... RUN LIKE HELL!
Demi:I've recovered! Now that hurted! RUN LIKE CRAZY SO I CAN RECOVER HIT POINTS!
Gryz:-dragging bodies of Chaz, Rika and Rune- K Then!

I have one more...

This is what happens when find a Prophallus...

Chaz:Woah! What's that!?
Rune:Some demon, let's take it out!
Prophallus:-attacks Rune-
Rune:-In the memory of Lutz, he and Alis fought a demon like this, I wanted to fight something similar ... THIS IS NOT WHAT I MEANT!
Rike:I think he's sorta cute!
Wren and Kyra:-both defeat it-
Kyra:Oh my! I'm catching up to the Lutz already!

What are yours ?

PostPosted: Thu Jan 26, '17, 12:40 pm 
Nice work Scootaloo ! Unfortunately, I'll not try to make the "same", as my english "level" in writing isn't at a high level ! lol But nicely done here :)

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