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PostPosted: Fri Mar 23, '12, 11:50 pm 
A new video from Sega's official Youtube channel has revealed some interesting details for Phantasy Star Online 2. Combat seems to have changed a lot, especially for technique users. They now get a targeting reticule and a camera that is fixed to an over the shoulder view. Casts seem to have a limited flight/dash capability. They can also jump on some enemies, who have a platform structure on their back, and jump off to continue shooting.

The real highlight is at the end, however, where the video reveals Mags are returning for the game. They can be fed and evolved, just like in the original. They also have new Photon Blasts, one of which is displayed. It looked like a unicorn and is summoned onto the battle field, where it runs around in real time.

[Edit] The video is public again so now you can see it here:

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 24, '12, 9:55 pm 
Ah MAGS were so great ! Very goosd news, even if for me PSO is very far : I don't think I'll play the game, even I played a lot on the first one.

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