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 Post subject: Macross Plus
PostPosted: Thu Sep 4, '14, 12:19 pm 
Anyone ever seen this? I used to have an old VHS version and i had a recent craving so I got me the DVD version. A movie that was made as a 4 part OVA instead that was finally made into a movie in the end. I prefer the 4-part OVA myself, even though there's about 15 mins less of content overall, I think the pace is better and the mood is more properly set.

The final battle while Sharon Apple sings Information High still makes me go nuts with adrenaline.

I will definitely cover/remix Information High, I need to find a girl with a good singing voice. Yup.

Macross Plus. In my anime top 3. Try it.

 Post subject: Re: Macross Plus
PostPosted: Fri Sep 5, '14, 4:55 am 
Have this on DVD somewhere, but recall only ever watching the first two episodes as I got volume one ages before finally picking up volume 2. And at the time of buying volume 2 I couldn't locate volume one to give it a proper marathon viewing.

Correct me if wrong, but wasn't this, now ten plus year old release, the most recent of the Macross anime to actually get an English dub?

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 5, '14, 7:23 am 
I've never heard of this before, so I did what any fan of anime would do and watched a clip on Youtube. It looks like it might be a good watch so when I get time I'll have to check it out.

Also Aero, I might not be a girl or even have a good singing voice, but if you're desperate enough you know where I'll be. :P

 Post subject: Re: Macross Plus
PostPosted: Fri Sep 5, '14, 11:45 am 
Attlin: tee hee. :P

Tweeg: I think so yes. It's old but Macross is the sequel to Robotech, an anime show that ran in the late 70s, early 80s if I recall.

The art is old, but the story is absolutely awesome, the music is incredible and it is really, really worth the 2.5 hours.

 Post subject: Re: Macross Plus
PostPosted: Fri Sep 5, '14, 12:31 pm 
Like Atlin, I have never heard of this before so may have to do some research on it. Sounds like an interesting offer though Atlin. :wink:

 Post subject: Re: Macross Plus
PostPosted: Sat Sep 6, '14, 6:05 am 
Well, specifically, Robotech was comprised of three completely different, and otherwise unrealted, Sci-Fi anime series all with very similar art style; Macross, which was the first story arc. Southern Cross, second story arc. [/i]Genesis Climber Mospeda[/i], third story arc. And then you get into the original continuation animations, which are Robotech II: The Sentinels and then nearly two decades later Robotech: Shadow Chronicles.

Robotech II: The Sentinels being the last Robotech animation made during the 1980's. It was a direct to VHS release opening for the fourth season. That being the fourth season which was already in early production, entirely scripted and ten episodes storyboarded, when Harmony Gold pulled the plug due to Matchbox Toys having low sales figures for Robotech-themed toys. Because in that era merchandising of toys was the primary driving force behind the production of "cartoons", not revenue from advertisers and video sales.

Macross was later released in the late 1990's, subbed-only, by Animeigo. License was picked back up again for Macross in the early 2000's by ADV and was again released subtitled only.

Now Macross is a bit odd in that we only got the original in it's actual "Macross" form subtitled. But we have the Robotech version dubbed, and by all accounts the Robotech dubbing was regarded as being close enough in keeping to the original context of Macorss that those other two companies that once held its' license saw no need to re-dubb it... but yet they saw the need to license it and release it subbed, weird.

Macross II
Now this is where it gets interesting. Central Park Media released Macross II, which was an OVA series, here in the mid-90's on VHS. I believe their release was subbed, but as I've never owned nor actually encountered those tapes in person I can't say for certain.

Then, Manga Entertainment released the movie edit version of the OVA series years later in the year 2000. And it was excellent in the respects that it was a good editting of the OVA series with a hefty over two-hour runtime. And best of all, it's dubbed!

Move forward another two or three years and Manga released, also dubbed, Macross Plus in both the OVA and Movie edition formats. That said, i think that's where they messed up at. Kinda pointless to release the OVA's and the movie edit. One or the other would suffice, OVA's being preferable.

In Japan there have been at least three follow-up Macross anime series in all these decades, two of those being Macross 7 and Macross Frontier. No one to my knowledge has tried to license any of those series, which I find very odd.

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 Post subject: Re: Macross Plus
PostPosted: Sun Sep 7, '14, 8:55 pm 
Encyclopedic explosion of awesome :D

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