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 Post subject: Lyle's death- he lives!
PostPosted: Thu May 31, '12, 5:30 pm 
as we know lyle lost his eye in an accident, and wouldent live long.

after transporting ayn to techna, he dies after farewelling thea.
mysteriously, when ayn chooses to marry thea, a passage says...

...rhys and lyle had both given their blessing...
but lyle was not there at the time of the wedding to give his blessing.

what do you think happened?

ps do i need spoilers?

PostPosted: Fri Jun 1, '12, 4:32 am 
Using spoiler tags might be nice for people who haven't played that part of the game yet. We don't have set rule on it, but it's just a matter of common courtesy.

I think I've read somewhere that it was an error in the translation. If one wanted to rationalize it within the story, I would just say that Lyle had previously told Rhys the kids had his blessing if they chose to marry. It isn't too far fetched to say that Rhys and Lyle might have expected Ayn to choose the princess Ayn was as one point trying to rescue for a wife. Rhys did the same thing, after all.

PostPosted: Sat Jun 2, '12, 7:52 pm 
Rhys: Of course you can marry my son, Thea! Maia and I both think you two make a wonderful couple!
Thea: Oh, thank you, Lord Rhys!
Maia: I want grandkids. =p
Thea: Tee-hee. ^_~

(meanwhile, somewhere in Draconia...)

Ayn: (sets up a Ouija board) I'm still not sure this is even possible, Mieu.
Mieu: Of course it is! Now stop being such a worry-wart and ask him!
Ayn: Okay. (puts his hands on the planchette) Lord Lyle, I seek your blessing. I intend to marry your daughter, Princess Thea.
Lyle's Ghost: Oh, for God's- you can just talk to me, Ayn! And yes, you can marry Thea!
Mieu: Yay! ^_^
Lyle's Ghost: Just invite me to the wedding.
Ayn: But-
Lyle's Ghost: Invite. Me. To. The. Wedding.
Ayn: ...I'll talk with Thea about it. I wonder how many children we're going to have-
Dark Force: (moves the planchette, one letter at a time) ONE. AND HE GON' DIE.
Mieu: That was creeeeeeepy.
Lyle's Ghost: I know. I'm trying to enjoy a nice afterlife and I have to keep hearing him yell from the room next to the noisy ice machine about how some blue-haired idiot killed him. And some brown-haired lady. And some blonde guy three separate times.

PostPosted: Fri Jun 22, '12, 12:20 pm 
SNORB : excellent !!
THOUL : I think that it's because tmnzklan is a new member :) And with the title, hard to really hide it...(like's Lyle's eye ^^)

PostPosted: Mon Oct 7, '13, 2:18 am 
What stroke me even stranger, was that they were cousins and apparently Rhys and Lyle gave their blessings. If you know genetics, you know that cross-breeding can cause genetic malformations.

PostPosted: Fri Jan 17, '14, 6:15 pm 
That snafu doesn't appear in the original Japanese text, so it's a screwup on the translators part.

PostPosted: Fri Jan 17, '14, 11:47 pm 
Lyle: I got better, all right?! Now how's my grandson?
Thea: ...Daddy, your skeleton got pulled out through your eye-hole.
Lyle: Pfffffft, what did I always tell you, honey? Skeletons are vestigial! Everybody knows that!

PostPosted: Sun Feb 5, '17, 5:17 pm 
HUKOS : thanks for the share of this link ! As I've just seen this topic, my first idea was to try to check about Rebecca Capowski's excellent (fantastic !) work about the translation of the japanese version of Phantasy Star 3 : so it's a mistake, or rather a bad addition from the translators.

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