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 Post subject: Lockerbie Bomber released
PostPosted: Thu Aug 20, '09, 8:43 pm 
Heard on the news that the guy convicted in the Lockerbie Bomber case and who has served 8 years of a life sentence is now being released, or has already been released, due to him having a terminal illness and only about 3 months left to live supposedly.

Many of the families of the victims in the Lockerbie bomb incident are very upset over this release. As are many others everywhere.

The argument is being made as to why they should give this guy sympathy when he gave no sympathy to those other victims that were killed.

I was wondering how everyone feels about this. Should the guy have been released, or should he have spent his remaining time left in jail still serving the life sentence that he received?

PostPosted: Thu Aug 20, '09, 9:22 pm 
I feel he shouldn't have been released. Just because he's diagnosed with that limited time to live doesn't mean he can't live longer than that. There are all kinds of stories about people being told they have six months to live and surviving for many years after that.

PostPosted: Fri Aug 21, '09, 10:50 pm 
You are right there, Thoul, and that is one reason why so many people, especially the victims' families are upset with all this.

I also heard that one of the stipulations of his release was that he not be given a "hero's welcome" back in his own country and that he basically go in the back door without much fanfare or attention, etc. Well, that did not happen as his big welcome back has been seen all over the news everywhere. :down:

PostPosted: Fri Oct 23, '09, 8:26 pm 
Just an update to this story.

I heard the other day that this guy known as the Lockerbie bomber who had been released because of his ill health, had in fact passed away.

So, I guess that is one ending to this story for him atleast, although the story may never end for the families of the victims killed in the bombing. :cry:

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