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PostPosted: Mon Aug 13, '12, 9:40 am
Author's Note:

Well it finally happened I created Alpha’s introduction story, he’s been an original character of mine since early 2010 but has only ever appeared in my artwork until now. This a short story, almost a prologue actually for another Phantasy Star fan-fiction series I have in mind where Alpha will be one of three (possibly four) main characters. This story however is simply his introduction and shows off the kind of relationship he shares with his younger sister Neifirst. This story is set in alternate timeline during the events of Phantasy Star II.

Please enjoy!

Just a warning this story has a reasonably dark theme and contains frequent action violence.


Chapter 1: The first mistake!

Splatters of blood were located all around the room accompanied by several bodies from which they came from. White lab coats drenched red as multiple scientists lay on the ground dead. Slaughtered, they never had a chance...a chance to kill him that kill their “mistake!”

“You dare threaten to kill me?!” an enraged voiced bellowed.

A remaining survivor held a very small syringe in her hand; she had it pointed at an overpowered enormous being that stood before her.

“’re...a...” her words where cut off as she continued walking backwards out of fear of her target.

“MISTAKE!” the being shouted in a very deep and somewhat demonic voice.

The young scientist froze in fear as the painful words escaped his mouth. She had short scruffy brown hair and was wearing glasses over her blue eyes; she had tears falling from them not just because she was terrified but also because she could feel his pain.

“Well then why did you bother to create me in the first place? I never turned out how you planned, next thing I know a whole bunch of you disgusting little cockroaches are sprawling over my body with tools and needles to get rid of me!”

“Please you must understand...” the female scientist pleaded. The syringe fell out of her hands and onto the floor spilling some of the death-filled liquid onto the ground in the process.

Her target suddenly came into full view. The being that stood before her was humanoid in shape with tough grey skin, short messy black hair and he had a very muscular build to his body. His feet resembled the feet of a dragon. He had three large white toenails on each foot and an additional one on the back of each heel. His only clothing was very small blue coloured pants. Emerging from his head were four very long thin whip-like tendrils with arrow heads on the ends of them. He could freely move them around and swipe them through the air at his own will. His eyes were long and somewhat almond shaped and completely blood red in colour and he had a maw of rather nasty looking fangs. He was a creature unlike any other ever seen in the Algol solar system.

If all that wasn’t intimidating enough he towered over the fragile young lady standing a whopping eight feet (8’0”ft) in height.

Suddenly the being opened up his mouth and flames began to emerge from it much like a fire-breathing dragon, smoke also trickled out of his nostrils.

“No, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I was only following orders. I was only a minion in this experiment I was against it from the start.” The young scientist screamed collapsing to the ground in an emotional breakdown.

Suddenly the creature discontinued his flames and a long grey tendril from his head shot down and lifted up the girl’s chin bringing her vision to his.

He gazed into the young ladies tear-filled eyes. She wasn’t lying it was certain. He looked around the room at the bodies of the other scientist who attacked him, before turning his vision back to her.”Well then I suggest you get out of my sight at once!” he demanded.

Suddenly her eyes widened and she somehow found the energy to stager to her feet. She then ran from the room not turning back once.

He watched her leave and then turned around and made his way over to another closed door, he walked past the corpse of a rather pudgy-looking scientist. He still had a scalpel in his hand. Suddenly anger spread over his face and he kicked the tool from the dead man’s hand and watched as it spun across the room before disappearing somewhere into the dark.

The large angered being continued pursuing his path until he reached the closed door. Instead of turning the knob he slammed his shoulder into it smashing it off the hinges and onto the floor with an enormous bang noise following its fall.

He ducked under the frame and climbed inside the room and was met with several empty experiment beds, he glanced across the room to some shelves where he noticed jars of liquids and small bits of flesh and other body parts in them. He walked over to a computer screen which was still on and caught a glimpse of what the text displayed on it said.

Project ALPHA: Fail

“Alpha” he repeated to himself.

He then turned and began to walk away before stopping and thinking once more. “Alpha, my name! I am the first, I am the first mistake.”

He tightened his fists to the point where veins began to pop out of them. He then showed his sharp teeth and his eyes narrowed in rage.

“Our target has been located” a voice suddenly declared it sounded very unhuman.

Alpha turned his body around and noticed a creature in a long purple robe covering its entire form, except for its arms, which were very long and thin with equally long digits on the hands. Its exposed arms were a metallic silver colour.

“Come now our lord wishes for you to join us. It would best to come without a fight. It is clear you have no purpose working your life within the lives of humans.” another creature identical to the first Alpha noticed stated.

Alpha turned around and glanced at it, it had one of its long arms outstretched as thought it wanted to simply take Alpha by the hand.

Alpha was not impressed at all. A long tendril from his head lashed out at the creature’s arm but a third purple-robe monster appeared smashing it away. The dark being magically appeared out of thin air. It was clear Alpha was dealing with some rather uneasy opponents, or was he...?

“What are you!?’ he demanded as the three purple cloaked beings floated to one another, then sat side by side in mid air.

Suddenly the first one he encountered spoke up answering his question. “We are the Xe-A-Thoul and our lord has been monitoring you ever since you came into existence. Your services are now required so you should come with us immediately.” It mockingly demanded.

“You little rat!” Alpha shouted at it, then taking long fast strides with his legs he leapt into the air and kicked one of them out of the way. The Xe-A-Thoul rolled through the air before hitting the ground hard in a large heap not moving.

Alpha could feel the force of anger growing greatly within his form. Another Xe-A-Thoul came up from behind him. Alpha turned and dodged as it summoned purple magic to strike him down. Then he wrapped all four of his long tendrils around its body and squeezed the being until he felt it break apart in several places. He let it go and watched as it fell to the floor like a purple sack of bricks.

Then a large blast of purple electricity struck Alpha’s body he could feel the dark energy tearing into his tough grey skin, small flicks of his red blood flung from small slits that the attack was making. However it wasn’t a very effective attack as Alpha had rather tough skin much like a dragon. He then turned and grabbed the Xe-A-Thoul by the head with his bare hand.

This stopped its attack immediately. He then opened his mouth and a large ball of molten flame burst out colliding with the Xe-A-Thoul scorching it to nothingness. He watched as its robe fell to the ground burning, and its long arms detached and crumbled away.

Alpha tuned his gaze to the Xe-A-Thoul he stunned earlier by kicking it. He saw it had begun to recover itself and slowly float back into the air. Alpha then reached for an empty hospital bed and threw it toward the dark being. However the Xe-A-Thoul vanished as though it was never there to begin with. The bed then smashed to pieces as it struck the solid wall.

The vibrations caused the rack of jars to fall over smashing all over the ground. Alpha’s face was scrunched up in shear anger.

Suddenly he heard the sound of clapping and looked over at the door which he smashed out earlier and seen the shadowy figure of a human. A human with very long pointy ears that is.

An unclothed figure emerged into the light; it was female and she had soft blue coloured skin with blood red eyes much like the colour of Alpha’s. She had long dark blue hair and was completely covered in red blood, it was very clear that all the blood that ran down her skin was not hers at all. She then bent down and picked up a fiendish purple robe that previously belonged to a Xe-A-Thoul covering her blood-covered body with it.

She then glanced over at Alpha with a very nasty smirk on her face, showing some fangs. “Brother!” she simply stated.

Alpha hesitated before replying “Neifirst!”

to be continued...

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