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 Post subject: Less Food, Higher Prices
PostPosted: Sat Jan 8, '11, 1:50 am 
If you've been paying attention at the grocery store, then no doubt you have noticed that many food items are shrinking in size (smaller ounces, smaller cans, etc.) while the price of the item continues to go higher and higher with each passing week!

Here's an article I found on this subject that really ticks me off. ... ose-weight

The reasons/excuses that manufacturers give for shrinking these products is really outrageous in most cases. For example, the shrinking Kraft cheese from 24 to 22 slices of cheese in a pack with the reason listed as the other size pack was not selling. That might be the case in some areas but where I buy groceries the larger pack seems to be the best seller and that's what I usually always buy myself.

Also, the "tricks" being used such as the one listed in the article of "indenting bottoms of containers" is very sneaky.

Bottom line is we're getting less food and paying more for it! It just stinks!!!!! Anyone else feel that way??

Comments or Opinions???

PostPosted: Sat Jan 8, '11, 6:43 pm 
It's important to watch both the size and price when looking for the best deal in the market. Products change like this all the time as companies try to strike the perfect balance between their costs to produce items and the profit margin. The deceptive tactics some use to mask these changes are one thing I'd rather not see, but they are just a fact of life. We all just have to be mindful of what we're buying.

PostPosted: Sat Jan 8, '11, 9:55 pm 
I actually haven't noticed any real rise in prices around fact, a lot of the staples I buy regularly are actually getting cheaper. And I do watch the size/price and all that carefully. But I realize it's not like that everywhere.

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