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PostPosted: Fri Apr 9, '10, 12:31 pm 
These are some drawings I did related to certain characters and events in my story Accepting Fate. Hope you like them!



She is the main character in my story. A bubbly and hyperactive Numan girl that doesn’t know how to sit still. I didn’t want to make her ears extremely noticeable like say Nei or even Rika for that matter so they are only short as a result. She is very friendly when people get to know her. And in hints toward her past life on Palma as an orphan, I showed she was a bit of a trouble maker unlike her best friend Elisa who she is desperately trying to save.

Autumn and Medusa


Medusa was the first major villain (besides the Profound Darkness) to appear in my story the following image was drawn to briefly show the event that took place in Chapter 10 Medusa’s Maw! Medusa was a fun character to write about as I previously said Sega never did a lot with her. I remodelled her a bit but overall I tried to keep her similar to how she appears in the original PS1. Also the fact that she can’t feel pain in my story was good. Because it kind of makes the heroes think “Wait what do we do now, she’s not hurt at all”. :o

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 9, '10, 12:35 pm 
Okay I also drew two of the most major villains in Phantasy Star history. They are both also the two main villains in my fan fic Accepting Fate…well for most of it anyway. In my opinion villains are just as important as the heroes so I’m going to be focusing on them just as much as my main characters when the story moves along further.

Dark Force


I took his Prophallus form from PS1 and made a few adjustments as to how I wanted to portray him in my story. Overall he’s basically the same, still the hulking beast with his open jaw and erected fangs and monstrous claws. I added a few horns on him to show off some brutality because Dark Force isn’t a villain to muck around with. Also his floating lower body is now connected to him through his dark aura that he exhibits. I haven’t gotten to him in my story as of yet but expect a beast when I do.

The Profound Darkness (Lesser Form)


I wanted to portray her in a cuter form to deceive you readers obviously. She is after all the big baddy behind everything evil. Basically in this form the Profound Darkness is an ooze kind of creature, she doesn’t have enough evil power within her to take on a solid being. She is also much weaker in power (and much, much smaller in size) and somewhat childlike in the way she shall be speaking. How did she revert to such a petite form?…you’ll have to wait and see.

The Profound Darkness (True Form) :yikes:


This is the Profound Darkness as it appeared in the game in its true form. As of now this is the form it is in with my story too, but the characters haven’t actually seen her like this yet. The bulging veins are there to show all the intense evil that’s flowing in her body. Overall I was quite happy with this drawing, even if she is a bloody ugly sight. In my story she looks at Dark Force as being her equal even referring to him as her “son”, because of the power he holds compared to all the other dark beings she created. What is it she truly desires? Is it really destruction for all of Algol? Is she following orders from an even higher evil? Or was she given the unfair side of an age-old bargain?…Not telling yet! :p

Well I hope you liked them I enjoyed drawing them. And for those of you who haven’t yet you can check out other things in my fan fiction. I’ll post chapter 11 soon I promise. Work started getting the better of me this month. :bang:

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 9, '10, 1:20 pm 
Fantastic work, Lucas! I really like your last Profound Darkness sketch. You put so much detail in it! :up:

PostPosted: Fri Apr 9, '10, 2:01 pm 
Thanks Tanith :D

PostPosted: Fri Apr 9, '10, 2:19 pm 
Indeed, that one looks impressive. Even for a lesser form, the Profound Darkness in the first sketch looks kind of patchetic. :lol: Overall great work.

PostPosted: Fri Apr 9, '10, 5:22 pm 
Dark Force looks a lot more scary with all those spikes. Now I'm wishing he was more spiky in the games. Well done, Lucas!

PostPosted: Sat Apr 10, '10, 1:34 pm 
@ Solar: Thanks and yeah her “Lesser” form isn’t supposed to be threatening or anything like that. Basically it’s just the Profound Darkness stripped of her power you could say. When I drew that image I wanted a simple but still eerie looking creature. Also in my story I personify the Profound Darkness as being “female” so that was the end result. But hey it worked for me. :wink:

@ Thoul: Thanks and yeah I agree. The spikes just make him look that little more fiercer.

PostPosted: Sat Apr 10, '10, 1:41 pm 
A few more drawings I did. I accidentally misplaced them so they never got uploaded yesterday. But they’re here now so enjoy!



The innocent soul that must be saved. Elisa is the kind of girl that appreciates the simple things in life and would never ask for anything from anyone. Because of her good will she was the perfect target for the Profound Darkness to possess and start corrupting, so she could fuel off her transforming evil soul. Her appearance is quite scrubby or “Rag-doll” like as Medusa says. Unlike Autumn she never had the chance to get her self a new set of clothes and is still dressed in her orphanage dress. The big question: will she be saved in time…?

William (aka: Will)


A very experienced hunter, Will is able to deal with a large majority of Motavia’s dangerous creatures. It’s unknown how long he’s been in the hunting business and just like Autumn he too was an orphan. He is best friends with Hank and his younger sister Isa. He also takes a protective role over Autumn, acting almost like an older brother. This is due to a very unfortunate event that took place in his child-hood expect it to be revealed very soon. Overall I’m not too happy with this pic :misspeak: . But I couldn’t be bothered doing him again. This was also one of the first pics I drew relevant to my fan fiction.

The Gods of Rykros :D


The holy entities that watch over the Algol solar system. They want nothing more than the Profound Darkness to be destroyed and Elisa saved. Re-Faze has made it his mission to locate another child to help with defeating the Dark Empress. The biggest mystery to the gods is how did the Profound Darkness escape to begin with?

PostPosted: Sun Apr 11, '10, 4:40 am 
Aw, Elisa looks so sweet and innocent. Poor Elisa.

I like your William drawing, too, but I have to say I just love your Rykros gods! How cool! Very creative, Lucas.

Lucas wrote:He also takes a protective role over Autumn, acting almost like an older brother. This is due to a very unfortunate event that took place in his child-hood expect it to be revealed very soon.

:hyper: Well, now I'm excited. I'm looking forward to more character development!

PostPosted: Sun Apr 11, '10, 4:47 am 
Thanks, The gods is probably my favourite image out of those three.

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