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 Post subject: Lego Marvel Super Heroes
PostPosted: Sat Nov 30, '13, 8:42 am 
I never had any interest in the Lego video games in the past, but there was something about this one that I found appealing. Being that I got my paycheck 2 days early today, I picked it up at Toys R Us (which was surprisingly not thst busy) today. And since I still don't have a damn WiiU, I had to get the 3DS version. I slso picked up the 3DS version of Sonic Lost World while I was there. It's a fun game, but trying to complete many of the goals to unlock the next levels can be a real pain in the neck.

PostPosted: Sat Nov 30, '13, 2:07 pm 
I wasn't really interested in the LEGO games either, until this past January. I had a GameStop gift card from my parents for my birthday, and my boyfriend and I were at the GameStop in Burlington. It's a pretty big store and they have a flatscreen on the wall behind the counter. It played a review of LEGO Lord of the Rings, and what I saw on the screen appealed to me enough I got the PS3 version with my gift card. Totally worth every penny (even if today, you can get it for $20 used). The co-op was great. They have an open over world that's sort of a condensed version of Middle Earth, but it's still pretty big and takes a while to get from the Shire to Mordor. And it does something I've seen no other game do…in local co-op, both players can be on opposite sides of the open world without any impact on framerate or anything.

I've since also gotten both LEGO Harry Potter games. Last I night I finished the story of years 1-4, but I'm enjoying it enough that I may actually go for completion on it. Plus it's a lot smaller than Lord of the Rings, so completionist will be significantly easier.

Might be interested in this one too...

PostPosted: Sun Dec 1, '13, 12:31 am 
I've never played an Lego games, and I've never had any desire to *shrug*. I don't mind the concept, but it just seems that they have yet to cover a license that have any interest in.

PostPosted: Sun Dec 29, '13, 12:34 pm 
Ah MrKite ! I can see that you have a 3DS : great choice :)
And you have bought Sonic Lost World ? Me too ! What do you think of it ? I've got some hints already and you're right : it's very fun BUT there is a problem (and you have spoken about it) : the difficulty !
You said : "but trying to complete many of the goals to unlock the next levels can be a real pain in the neck." : for me it's ALL the game that is a pain (and not only in the neck, also in other anatomy parts but I'll not quote them ! :lol: ) : some parts of first levels are very easy but becomes harder and it's an horror ! Definitely, I DON'T like hard games :(

PostPosted: Thu Jan 2, '14, 6:30 am 
The first Batman game was decent - it was probably the most lighthearted take on Batman in video games I've ever seen. Very little replay value though, which kind of turned me off on later Lego games. I think these titles lose a lot of atmosphere if you're not playing them in co-op, which is a shame.

PostPosted: Fri Sep 19, '14, 11:15 pm 
I do like the LEGO games. I did not have the right consoles when the Star Wars games started coming out (so I just saw them at a friend's), but I got some of the more recent ones, including the first Batman on the PSP.

I like the gameplay (collecting things, solving puzzles by destroying and building, dying no matter how many times). I also loved how the portable versions used to be the same as the home console versions, just with downgraded graphics.

Now I accept the new portable versions as different and "lesser", but I would still rather have the full versions ported to the portable consoles.

About the Marvel Super Heroes game... It is very different from normal LEGO games. There is very little building and puzzle-solving. However, its vast character selection (even on the PS Vita, although the PS3 has tons and tons more characters) and its defeat all the enemies the game throws at you make it seem more like a Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 (ignoring the fact that MUA 2 was bad, in my opinion). Since I love MUA, this being non-LEGO-like is forgiven.

Also, my only platinum throphies in the PSN so far are from three LEGO games: Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, Marvel Super Heroes, and The Lord of the Rings.

I may someday buy the "Hobbit" games (I would rather have a single game with the whole story than one for each movie, but perhaps some day they will release this), and the LEGO movie game. I would buy this since I liked the movie.

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