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PostPosted: Sun Apr 1, '07, 6:50 am 
I think I have played this Spiderman-Maximum Carnage game a little. I don't recall how far I got with it though. I like Spiderman. He's a great "superhero".

Has anyone else played this game, and if so, what did you think of it. Is it a hard game to play?

Are there any other Spiderman games for this or any other series that are favorites of yours?

PostPosted: Sun Apr 1, '07, 9:16 pm 
I don't remember Maximum Carnage very much. I heard that it was released in a red colored cartridge on the Genesis. It's the only game ever with a red cart AFAIK.

My favorite Spider-Man game was "Spider-Man" on the PlayStation. When it came out, people called it the best superhero game to date. They were right, too - it absolutely blew everything else out of the water. :clap: You could earn any of the various costumes Spidey had used over the years and play through the game in them. Each one had some kind of special power bonus, too. I loved going through with the black costume. :D The creators had a lot of fun with making that game - there's all kind of jokes in it. They even included a "What If?" mode that changed aspects of the game - it's a hoot. :rofl:

There was a sequel, Enter Electro, that was pretty good, too. It was made by a different company and doesn't have all the same charm, though.

PostPosted: Tue Apr 3, '07, 8:05 pm 
I liked Spider-Man 2 for PlayStation 2, based on the movie. The main game was pathetically short (it could easily be cleared in less than 10 hours), but the webswinging was awesome. They didn't get much else right in that game, but the swinging mechanics were just perfect. It was really the whole point of the game. :lol:

PostPosted: Sun Apr 22, '07, 10:44 pm 
I saw some stuff about the upcoming Spider-Man 3 movie game the other day. I'm beginning to look forward to that almost as much as the movie. The city was huge in Spider-Man 2, but they claim it's going to be over twice as big in 3. That will be tons of fun to explore.

PostPosted: Mon May 7, '07, 9:41 pm 
I rented Spider-Man 3 this weekend. I haven't gotten very far, but what I have played is pretty good... it's been following the movie storyline, but not closely enough to spoil the whole movie. The city is larger, but it feels about the same because Spidey can move faster.

They took out a lot of the personality from the previous games, though. They all had similar attack moves and references to past games - I've not seen anything like that in this one, yet.

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PostPosted: Wed May 9, '07, 2:15 pm 
Maximum Carnage was the first Mega Drive game I bought, it was a lot of fun. But now I suck at it. I used to be able to get really far, but now I can barely beat the first level.

PostPosted: Wed May 9, '07, 4:54 pm 
I've played Maximum Carnage on emulator. Nice game but not my genre. I was beaten after three or four levels. My favorite Spider-Man game is "Spider-Man The Game" or something like that on PS1 and PC. And I don't like games based on the movies. They are very boring for me.

PostPosted: Wed May 9, '07, 11:16 pm 
I remember I could never get very far in Maximum Carnage, either. It felt like one of those games that takes a lot of practice, and skill, to get through.

Quote:My favorite Spider-Man game is "Spider-Man The Game" or something like that on PS1 and PC. And I don't like games based on the movies. They are very boring for me.

I agree completely. :) The PS1 game is the best Spidey game yet, I think.

I liked playing as the Goblin in the first movie game for PS2, but the novelty of it wore off pretty quickly.

PostPosted: Thu May 10, '07, 7:59 am 
I think the last Spiderman game I played that I really enjoyed was the one on the Atari. That's been awhile. :lol:

Great game, though. :wink:

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