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 Post subject: Lead in reusable bags
PostPosted: Mon Nov 15, '10, 10:32 pm 
You know those cloth and plastic bags that most major stores now offer as a reusable alternative to the standard thin plastic bags? Some of them have been found to have a potentially unsafe level of lead. Many of these bags were made in China, like many other products recalled due to lead content in recent years. There isn't a recall in this case, but some stores have already stopped offering the bags with high levels of lead.

Some people are concerned that the bags may allow lead to leech into food after extended use, while others insist that the effect on the environment when these bags are discarded is the most important concern. Here's one article about it.

Do you use bags like this? If so, are you concerned about the lead content and if it might impact your food?

 Post subject: Re: Lead in reusable bags
PostPosted: Tue Nov 16, '10, 4:59 pm 
I've seen them, they are available for purchase in most stores. I've never bought any, though, as quite frankly, I usually have more groceries, etc., than one bag can hold and I'm not buying a bunch of reusable bags. I don't need that expense too. Also, I don't have time to wash them after every use as should be done, and probably is not being done by many people that do use them, hence opening up possibilities for sickness, etc.

That stinks about the lead, though. Another reason why I won't use them. How long is this lead thing going to be gotten by with no punishment, etc. You think by now we'd have learned a lesson about certain products from certain places. :rolleyes:

 Post subject: Re: Lead in reusable bags
PostPosted: Mon Nov 22, '10, 12:09 am 
Oh crud, I have a few of these that I frequently use for transporting stuff to and from home and work in. Rather disturbing to learn this, yet good to know as I'll cease using them.

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