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 Post subject: Last Titanic Survivor
PostPosted: Sun Oct 19, '08, 7:44 pm 
The last survivor of the Titanic ship (which sunk many, many years ago), has sold some mementoes at auction to help pay for her care, etc. She was only a baby when the Titanic sunk.

I suppose she doesn't need those items any longer and really needs the money more, and probably doesn't mind passing the items on, however, I think it's a shame that some wealthy person couldn't come to her aide and just "donate" the funds she needed. I don't think that would have been too much to expect from someone. JMHO.

The Titanic has always fascinated me and it seems almost to have a mystical spell cast around it and the events that happened to it. :yaknow:

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 20, '08, 10:36 am 
That's crazy--I always thought of the Titanic incident as something that happened not decades, but centuries ago. It's hard to believe that there is still a survivor! I kind of find it sad that she has to sell her mementos for some decent care; it's too bad that she doesn't have a family member that could take her in or something.

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 20, '08, 4:46 pm 
Wow, in 4 years it will have been 100 years since this happened. I had thought there were none left since it happened back in 1912.

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 21, '08, 8:51 pm 
From what I gather reading the story, she was only a baby when the Titanic sunk, so that is probably one reason why she is still living. The story says nothing about her family, If I remember correctly, other than those with her on the Titanic. I wonder if she ever married and had a family of her own.

It may sound spooky, but from watching the movie "Titanic" with Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet and seeing the last part where the old lady dies and after her death she returns young again to a Titanic which was just as grand as always and sees all the people that were on the ship there with her, including those who have died already, it makes you wonder if that might indeed happen to any of the survivors of the ship when they died.

Are the other members of this voyage waiting for the circle to be complete?????

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