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 Post subject: Field Of Dreams
PostPosted: Thu Jan 3, '13, 11:33 am 
For those that may be fans of the classic movie "Field Of Dreams" which is about baseball starring Kevin Costner and Ray Liotta among others, you may be interested to know that the place where the movie was made in Iowa has been sold. There are plans to make some type of sports facility for kids, etc., which sounds very interesting: ... site?lite= ... --mlb.html

I love this movie and always hoped that they would do a sequel to it and we would finally find out just what was out there in that corn field, lol. :wink:

 Post subject: Re: Field Of Dreams
PostPosted: Sat Jan 5, '13, 8:25 pm 
Kevin Costner is actually pretty good in movies that involve baseball. For the Love of the Game got decent notice, Field of Dreams was incredibly popular, and I think that Bull Durham is probably one of the best movies about baseball to be found.

 Post subject: Re: Field Of Dreams
PostPosted: Sun Jan 6, '13, 5:04 am 
Field of Dreams was based on a book, wasn't it? I imagine that might be part of why there was never a sequel. Not that I've ever read the book in question mind you, but I'm thinking maybe the producers didn't want or didn't have the rights to invent a continuation if a sequel to the book didn't already exist.

But anyway, I agree, Costner's better movies all seem to involve baseball in some way.

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