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PostPosted: Tue Aug 21, '18, 7:20 pm 
Surely some of you must have visited Lashute before obtaining Orakio's Sword and the Nei Weapons. For those who recall or need a reminder, if you do trek there at that moment in the game, the folks there are pretty nice and hospitable, right down to Rulakir.

Then what they say turns wicked when you go back after getting the weapons. My question is, were they merely pretending to be nice with a facade?
Or were they truly nice and only corrupted after releasing Dark Falz from the act of removing Orakio's Sword?

When you do return, they speak of how they manipulated the events of the game in prior generations. So is that the truth pointing to the facade of being nice? Or is that too a lie?

Something I have always wondered.

PostPosted: Wed Aug 22, '18, 11:10 pm 
I believe their hospitality was a lie and that the people of Lashute were some kind of agents of Dark Force. Agents, who were setting up the events of the three generations - at least to some extend. My theory is that Dark Force, sealed away by Orakios sword, was weakened and needed servants to prepare its return. Additionally, having Rulakir as its possibly most powerful little puppet surely was a really welcome insult to Orakio who imprisoned Dark Force.

Maybe the people of this flying city were not evil by default. Yet I think DF corrupted them before Rhys' quest. Years ago, I wrote in another topic that I could even imagine them to be the ones who somehow brought Maia to Landen and who clouded her memory. However, I can only speculate.

Another hint that Lashute already was evil even before you recieve the five nice and deadly Nei-toys could be the monsters you encounter in the dome Terminus. You meet several rather demonic enemies in this world. Could they be a sign of the even darker creatures dwelling in Lashute?

This is only my theory. What do you think of Lashute, Zio_Falz?

PostPosted: Thu Aug 23, '18, 1:00 am 
I'm right with your line of thinking Crys. They said that they manipulated the events, and also mention that they intentionally messed with the moons Dahlia and Azura. I forget the exact quote.
But I always took that as truth and took it as an implication that they also caused Maia to wash up on Landen, as well as freeze Aquatica. All so that Orakio's descendants could unlock the passages to the other domes with the ultimate goal of theirs to be Orakio's descendants releasing Dark Falz.

Another thing that points to them being evil all along, is Rulakir's quote when you speak with him before fighting "My heart went black 1000 years ago..." Thus as the chief puppet of Lashute, thats a long time to be evil.

I just wish I could give an explanation for them to act nice as hospitable upon your first visit. Considering many players likely skip that visit altogether because you wouldnt know otherwise, why include their nice dialogue in the game in the first place...?
This, I do not know.

PostPosted: Sat Aug 25, '18, 2:17 pm 
My guess is that they were pretending to be nice so long as it looked like our heroes didn't have a clue, but as soon as they show up with the Nei weapons, they know that our heroes have figured things out so it's time to release the metaphorical Kraken.

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