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 Post subject: Largest video game
PostPosted: Fri Apr 26, '13, 3:28 am 
A 437 feet tall video ... -videogame

 Post subject: Re: Largest video game
PostPosted: Wed May 1, '13, 10:40 pm 
WOW impressive !!! :o

 Post subject: Re: Largest video game
PostPosted: Mon May 13, '13, 2:50 am 
I'm kind of disappointed that it was just Pong, but I guess the accomplishment is impressive regardless. It must have taken some work to get all that stuff working together.

 Post subject: Re: Largest video game
PostPosted: Thu May 16, '13, 4:36 am 
Pretty amazing usage of a skyscraper... he used a MacBook and claims to be a computer scientist? <sigh>

Reminds me of something which transpired last week at work. A piece of backstory first, we have a very loyal customer who now works at the Apple Store nereby who sends us customers in need of non-proprietary parts quite frequently.

So this man walks in carrying a MacBook Pro looking rather confused by the vast amounts of product on our sales floor. FInally after gawking at the vast selection of mice walks over and says (insertname here) at the Genius Bar (yes, Apple actually refers to their sales counter by that name) said we could hook him up with RAM for his MacBook Pro without having to special order it. To which I replied that that was infact the case and if he'd take a seat at our sales counter I'd install it right there and then. This completely perplexed him I guess because he then goes on, while I'm working to get his laptop opened, to tell me that he'd just been told the additional RAM would've been $50 per piece plus a $13 shipping charge to have it sent to the Apple Store, plus an additional fee to install each stick... But you for some reason have MacBook RAM even though this is a PC store. And needless to say we had the RAM in-stock, to which I showed to him and explained that the RAM is not an Apple proprietary product, it's actually used by just about every make and model laptop presently on the market. And then after pulling the underside cover panel off from the MacBook his eyes widen a bit and he asks, "Why does it say made in China?". And then I had to explain to him that virtually everything is made in China these days and you can tell at this point he's pretty upset and even comments that he thought Macs were made in California, which obviously hasn't been the case in two decades, but you get the picture. Ah, but then the real kicker, turned out, he already had all the RAM in his laptop that it could hold... just one of the two RAM sticks was no longer seated and was in fact sitting i nthere loose. Now this was when it got funny, I point out the loose RAM stick, pop it back in its' slot, put it all back together, boot the system... and naturally, it all registers. Then he looks at me and says, "I thought that RAM had gone away because I'd used it up already". Somehow, somehow I managed to keep a straight face just long enough to say "Sir, it doesn't work that way.".

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