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 Post subject: Kyra's future
PostPosted: Mon Jan 14, '08, 12:01 am 
After Phantasy Star IV is finished, we see that Kyra will return to the Esper Mansion. What fate do you think will be in store for her, long term, after this? Now she knows the secret of Lutz, which most of her friends and colleagues have no clue about. She'll have to keep that secret from them; I bet that would be pretty hard, knowing that Lutz isn't the perfect figure the others regard him to be. Would it bring her to a position of authority? Would she be regarded as a hero like Alis, or would her role in fighting Dark Force be a secret from the others as well?

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 15, '08, 1:07 am 
I think, at the end, Rune got her respect... not because of Lutz but because she now knows him better. (I don't know if at some point when they were teenagers -Kyra still is- Rune was famous for his particular way to be with esper rituals/practices witch weren’t very orthodox and not very well accepted but) when they left Air Castle (on Landeel) she seemed surprised the way Rune talked and very focus/interested on the things he had to say to the others... I think she now understands why he had been chosen.

And because of all that (and all things that she had experienced) I think she now has a more clear vision of what's going on and probably, like happened to Hahn (yeah... I think Hahn is a good example for what will happen to Kyra), she would start to feel disgusted by her esper colleagues, because of the way they are, the fact that they don't have initiative, courage, will of questioning, the "stupid" rules they have and (like happens with Hahn's colleagues) for what they know... nothing.

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