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 Post subject: Klingon space opera
PostPosted: Tue Sep 14, '10, 9:30 pm 
Star Trek fans will love this.

An opera called "u" , opening soon in the Netherlands, will be sung completely in the Klingon language. ... ?GT1=43001

Also, if anyone loves touring caves, in Australia there is an audio cave tour voiced entirely in Klingon. ... 00727.html

 Post subject: Re: Klingon space opera
PostPosted: Fri Sep 17, '10, 3:56 pm 
Both of these articles mention Klingon messages being sent into space. It makes me wonder what aliens would think of our interpretation of what life on other worlds might be like. Imagine if some other world eventually picks up these Klingon messages and thinks we're a planet full of Klingons. Oh boy. :lol:

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