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PostPosted: Mon Apr 17, '23, 5:58 pm 
King Charles official Coronation will take place in May in just a few short weeks. Many details to take care of before that important day. ... 19735.html

Music/Coronation Concert: ... 09454.html

Troops in the ceremony: ... arles-iii/

Prince George (William's Son/Charles Grandson) will participate: ... 9486&ei=31

Camilla will be crowned: ... 14424.html

More later!

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 19, '23, 7:04 pm 
A gift from Pope Francis: ... 83a2&ei=38

PostPosted: Sun Apr 30, '23, 7:08 pm 
The Coronation is less than a week away! Check your local TV listings for times, channels to view this special event!

More News on the coronation:

Charles trying to make it less expensive: ... m-29843051

Robes made for Charles and Camilla: ... m-29843051

Timeline for the ceremonies, etc: ... d-29804472

PostPosted: Mon May 1, '23, 12:13 pm 
I'll not watch it (work !) but even if I would not have work...;) But the news on the evening I'll watch !

PostPosted: Tue May 2, '23, 7:48 pm 
More on Charles robes: ... ancestors/


PostPosted: Wed May 3, '23, 6:22 pm 
Looks like Tom Cruise and Lionel Ritchie been invited to the Coronation Concert: ... t-and-dec/ ... yal-family

PostPosted: Sat May 6, '23, 6:57 pm 
I watched the coronation on tv this morning. Took a few hours but much shorter than previous coronations. Charles is now officially King! God Bless The King! ... sh-monarch ... jamin-hall ... hys-future ... harles-iii ... 185112007/ ... 5b02&ei=40 ... wned-king/ ... -charlotte

PostPosted: Mon May 8, '23, 10:24 pm 
Haven't seen the Concert yet. It wa ssupposed to be shown on PBS but I missed it. Hope to see it later. Monday was a day of volunteering and William and Family participated : ... 192663007/ ... 194295007/

PostPosted: Tue May 9, '23, 11:13 am 
Hail to the new King ! :)

PostPosted: Wed Jul 5, '23, 5:08 pm 
Another Coronation celebration for King Charles, this time in Scotland: ... c19e&ei=38

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