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 Post subject: Nestle makes changes
PostPosted: Thu Feb 19, '15, 1:57 am 
Nestle has announced they will be changing some of the ingredients in their candy: ... -products/

 Post subject: Re: Nestle makes changes
PostPosted: Mon Feb 23, '15, 3:45 am 
You know, I always enjoy Nestlé chocolate compared to Hershey's when I lived in the states. I mostly still do; after having lived in Europe for an ungodly amount of years, like 9, you find that Nestlé is the dominating chocolate in the shop. Hershey is nonexistent; and then there are different brands but they are all mostly owned by Kraft, such as Milka and other brands I cantt recall. Dove chocolate does exist, however it is known by the name of… Totally forgetting. Oh, right, Dove is known as Galaxy.

Personally, my favorite chocolates, but I only find is this time of year, is Brach’s chocolate, specifically their robins eggs or whatever they're called. And only that form. But it's by far the best chocolate are one of the best chocolates I can recall.

As for what's inside of them concerning ingredients, I have no idea. But I do know that Nestlé has its hand and fist and elbow in the control of the chocolate market in Europe, hands down.

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