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 Post subject: Back To The Future game
PostPosted: Tue Oct 26, '10, 10:16 pm 
'Back To The Future: The Game' video game is set for release in December: ... in-works/1

Events in the game supposedly take place sometime after events in the third "Back To The Future" movie.

I wonder if the "Back To The Future" series of movies are coming up for an anniversary or something as I recently saw that the entire cast is getting together for a reunion on Oprah, I think it is.

Anyway, should be an interesting video game. :yes:

PostPosted: Tue Oct 26, '10, 11:16 pm 
I just hope it's better than the Back to the Future games from the 80s/90s.

PostPosted: Thu Oct 28, '10, 1:38 am 
I think it will be better, though it looks a little more cartoony, in terms of character design, than I would like. Christopher Lloyd is doing the voice work for Doc Brown, so it will have a good cast if nothing else.

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