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PostPosted: Fri Oct 29, '10, 5:31 pm 
What the heck is this??? ... ng_capcom/

For those who don't know, the guy is pretty much the creator of everything Megaman related, like the Shigeru Miyamoto of Capcom. Him leaving will really leave a BIG HOLE. One of his biggest dream for many years has been to finally see a sequel to Megaman Legend 2...and now that it was finally announced for the 3DS after so many years, he's leaving? From a few articles in the last few weeks, you can see the guy is really depressed by the state of gaming in Japan. Going so far as saying that it's dead. Of course, it was not well received by Japan overall, and now we have this. Maybe it doesnt affect many people, but this is a really sad day for the video game industry in general.

PostPosted: Fri Oct 29, '10, 9:39 pm 
It's a very sad day for me as I'm a big Megaman fan, but if this is what Inafune-san wants then I won't complain.

PostPosted: Sat Oct 30, '10, 12:29 am 
From reading the statements he has made and the reaction statements from Capcom, I get the impression that Capcom had become a very poor work environment for him. He talks about not being able to express his dreams and having no further room for growth in the company. It creates a picture of a man who is frustrated with his current job, nearing a burn out, and plans to step away to try something new.

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