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PostPosted: Sat May 4, '13, 11:43 pm 
Well, it looks like current talk show host Katie Couric (formerly of "The Today Show") had a very interesting topic of conversation on one of her recent talk show epsidoes and other discussions having to do with violent video games. Check this out: ... f5839dd4dc

So, what's your opinon on all this? Do you think playing violent video games make people become violent or more violent also???

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PostPosted: Sun May 5, '13, 12:55 pm 
Doubtful. Not just because pretty much any reputable study on he subect says otherwise, but because this is just another in a long line of "(x new and popular thing) is ruining our (youth/society)", much how like The Rite of Spring/Jazz/rock/metal/Dungeons and Dragons/Rap/etc. were before.

PostPosted: Sun May 5, '13, 2:14 pm 
It's always easier to blame some boogeyman for problems in society, such as things that are popular at the time, like video games, than it is to actually examine society's system, why we're getting the outputs we're getting (like street violence) and fix areas of dysfunction. There hasn't been credible science linking video games, violent TV, rock and roll, heavy metal, D&D, etc. to violent behavior. It's just journalists seeking attention and playing the blame game, instead of doing good journalism - actually investigating and issue for a real cause and effect.

As for positives of just simple enjoyment not enough? Recreation? Stress relief? Enjoying the game's story? Bonding with other people? I hate it when people try to claim video games are 'pointless'. When someone says that to me, I like to ask if they watch any TV series or follow any sports, and what's the point of that? The answer I get is almost always the same as the list I wrote above, and I say 'yeah, that's why I play video games'. Usually ends the argument. We just simply enjoy different things.

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