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 Post subject: Gaming Royalty
PostPosted: Thu Apr 14, '11, 9:56 am 
Found this interesting little snippet with a few facts on some of the Royalty (Kings, Queens, Prince, Princesses, etc.) of the video game world that I thought others might find interesting also: ... OmgPhoid=1

Can you think of any other Royalty characters (Kings, Queens, Prince, Princesses, etc.) in the gaming world other than those mentioned here?

Oh yeah, can you believe it, according to the article, the Queen Of England supposedly has a gold-plated Wii !!!! :melodramatic:

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 Post subject: Re: Gaming Royalty
PostPosted: Fri Apr 15, '11, 3:01 am 
Eh, there are too many kings and princesses in games to count. I'd say Peach and Zelda (and let's not forget Alis and the PSIII heroes) are the most notable by far. There aren't many pthers who have been given a starring role that does not require them to be rescued by a male hero.

I'm surprised anyone would have a gold plated Wii. I guess it would be more of a conversation piece than a played system. Somehow, I think the gold would make it more likely to overheat than a normal console.

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