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PostPosted: Sun Apr 1, '07, 6:39 am 
I'm not too familiar with this game, but how can anything with the Justice League not be very popular. :wink:

Comments or Opinions on this game, or any others having to do with the Justice League group, are welcome in this thread. :yes:

PostPosted: Sun Apr 1, '07, 8:40 pm 
It's ironic that you should ask how something based on the Justice League could be unpopular, because this game wasn't exactly a hit. :lol:

Task Force was basically a clone of Street Fighter with super heroes. I played it and thought it was okay, but it was also pretty lacking in some ways. All the heroes were basically the same, as far as how they were controlled. It could have used a little more variety. I give it some credit for being the first Justice League game, though.

There have been some more games based on the team since then, but I haven't played them. Most were centered on the recent cartoon series, I think.

PostPosted: Tue Apr 3, '07, 8:00 pm 
The latest one was Justice League Heroes. It's based on the comics. It's a beat 'em up, a good old fashioned brawler, with superpowers thrown in. I love toasting everything with Superman's Heat Vision. :rofl:

It has a terrible character design for Wonder Woman, though. I can't stand the cutscenes that she appears in because it's so horrible! Ugh, what were they thinking? :grumpy:

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