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PostPosted: Sun May 9, '10, 9:50 pm 
Below is a sample image of a comic I worked on back in 2006, though I only coloured it today. It's a funny sort of manga that depicts what would have happened if all the PS chars attended college and learned their techs and skills there. I discontinued it though, because i was getting lazy, so there are only 12 pages in total. Page 8 can be viewed below.


Demi and Wren are Palmans in here, Zio is your average tall, dark and handsome good guy and Hahn is the Professor. :lol: Can you predict what's going to happen next? ;) The only chars that don't appear in here are Raja and Gryz. Rolf makes a cameo on pg 7.

PostPosted: Mon May 10, '10, 4:59 am 
Awesome it's like manga :clap: . Well done Lyla, It would be interesting to see the rest you did as well.

PostPosted: Thu Aug 19, '10, 5:14 am 
Ha, this is great! I'd like to see more also. :clap:

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