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 Post subject: June gets an extra second
PostPosted: Thu May 21, '15, 12:06 am 
Well, I have heard of leap year but now it seems as if June will become leap month as the month may get an extra second added to it according to the International Earth Rotation And Reference Systems: ... ories.html

PostPosted: Thu May 21, '15, 4:06 am 
Leap days/seconds are weeeeird x_X

PostPosted: Fri May 22, '15, 8:43 pm 
Leap years, and leap days, really are not quite needed anymore.

In the same goes for setting clocks ahead or behind, every year.

These things existed in the past, because they helped with the production of agriculture, which is an economy that the United States is not a major producer or exporter of any more.

There are several countries which do not set clocks ahead or behind it all. And there are also countries which even exist on a different calendar rather than the Gregorian calendar and to not set their years or days ahead or behind.

PostPosted: Fri Jul 3, '15, 1:14 am 
Well, it has come and gone as it is already July and I didn't even notice or think about the leap second at all. Anyone else??

PostPosted: Fri Jul 3, '15, 2:03 am 
Nope. It's all about making our calendars sync up. Realistically, I doubt anyone noticed a difference.

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