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PostPosted: Fri Dec 2, '11, 6:27 am 
Coke has decided to stop their holiday cans done in white with polar bears on them. Evidently the white cans were confusing to many people and just didn't go over very well: ... 8#45516778

Coke should know by now that people just don't like change when it comes to their coke. :dog_laugh: :x

Personally, I like the white cans but the first time I saw them I said they looked liked diet coke to me. Red is still #1.

What did everyone else think of the white polar bear cans for Coke?

PostPosted: Sat Dec 3, '11, 9:17 am 
I liked the new cans, but I agree they did look too much like Diet Coke. There was bound to be confusion, especially among people who primarily buy six packs or single cans.

Instead of making the cans all while with red lettering, it would have been a smarter move to just add some white polar bears to the red can. That's what they've done with the red labels on bottles anyway, so it would have been more consistent across the brand also.

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