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PostPosted: Thu Aug 5, '10, 9:01 pm
Part 3: The D.S.S. Aeroprism

On the bridge of the Supernova class cruiser D.S.S. Aeroprism, all was relatively quiet. Crewmembers were taking care of their duties; it was an uneasy silence while they all knew that the wait was almost over. Colonel Sandy Ryan, commanding officer of the ship, was patiently waiting. The mission had started a few hours ago and although she knew that the Esper Mansion was a safe haven for her general, she couldn't help but worry. She snapped out of her thoughts as she heard the voice of her comm. officer. “Sir, General Freeman successfully transferred aboard. The teleportation room reports that he is heading to the bridge.” “Thank you lieutenant”, she answered with an equal voice.

A few minutes passed before the door finally slid on its electronic rails. At the mention of the words “GENERAL ON DECK!” Sandy Ryan turned to face her superior officer and saluted as she began her report. “General, our status is normal, we’re ready to…” Her voice hesitated when she saw Freeman’s condition, his blood-stained clothes burned and his skin bruised in more places than she cared to count. Freeman looked at Colonel Ryan and covered her hesitation by immediately giving an order. “Captain Sardos, you have the bridge. Colonel, report to your office immediately for mission debrief.” His voice sounded a bit tired but Sandy caught a note of excitement. She guessed that the mission to the esper mansion had probably been a success.

Colonel Ryan followed her husband in her own office and as soon as the door closed, she spoke.

“What the hell happened to you Adam?”
“Warmaster Tyrus was a bit reluctant to let me in.”
“Reluctant… And?”
“I insisted.”

He gave her a full face grin; Freeman didn’t even try to hide his sarcasm.

She walked toward him and, being physically stronger than him, pushed him on her desk. His pride trying to silence a pathetic groan of pain, Freeman struggled to keep his balance but was taken completely off guard. Sandy removed her beret and swiftly snapped open the little brooch holding her long azure-blue hair tied up. Faster than it took for her long hair to finish untying, she grabbed Freeman by the back of his head and kissed him passionately. The softness of her thin lips and the discrete smell of her skin reminded him that he was no longer in danger so he relaxed a little.

When she finally released her iron grip over his lips, he asked. "And what is the occasion, if I may ask?" She smiled and answered. "I felt like it." "Good enough", Freeman replied before kissing her once more. "Where does it hurt?" She asked with a small note of motherly warmth in her voice. "I think I cracked a rib when he flung me over his desk." Freeman replied without too much elegance. She placed her hands over his chest and as she came closer to kiss him once more, she let the soothing energy of her Resta technique heal her husband's pain.

He brought her even closer to him and kissed her again. Sandy looked at her husband, her mouth very close to his and smiled again. “You look like hell, sir”, she mockingly whispered. Freeman frowned a bit. “Yes colonel. Thank you colonel." He reluctantly noted a hint of weariness in her eyes. "What's wrong?" He asked, knowing well in his heart what she thought. "I'm not used to seeing you like that. Not anymore, I mean. You're a general now. Your men should fight your battles, not you." Freeman hugged her closer as he whispered in her ear. "This is a battle I must fight myself, you know it." Her eyes were still filled with worry; "I don't want to lose you, Adam." She answered softly. "Lose me? Is that all the faith you have? I can take care of myself I'll let you know."

She intentionally moved a bit away from him and gave him a playful smile. "You're not as young as you used to be, mon général." Freeman gave her a genuine look of dismay. "Old? Moi? I'm only 47! I'm still well in my prime!" Sandy looked at her husband and gave him a wicked smile. "Yeah? Prove it."

Freeman's eyes widened. "But Ryucross! I have the information!" She frowned; "To hell with Ryucross. It's not going anywhere and we never get any time together." She tilted her hips on purpose, showing the delightful grace of her silhouette. Feeling the blood rush in his veins, Freeman took a few seconds to answer. "If we both leave the bridge, they'll all know." Sandy sighed. "Then we'll have to stay here. It's my office, I can lock the doors." Freeman's will was struggling between the excitement of seeing the legendary Ryucross and the irresistible impulse of indulging his beautiful wife.

On the bridge, the main monitor suddenly came alive as Freeman's face appeared. "Captain Sardos?" "Yes general?" Answered the relatively young officer. "Set for 4, 17, 43. Maximum speed. Order the Firestorm and the Hammer to stay with us, 1000 KM behind." "Yes general!" the officer answered without hesitation." Freeman was about to turn the console off when he heard Sandy's second in command's voice again. "General?" "Yes captain?" Freeman answered, knowing full well what his subordinate was about to say. "This bearing takes us away from Algo, directly out of the planetary system." "I'm fully aware of that, captain. You have your orders." "Yes sir! Right away sir!" Freeman turned off the monitor, appreciating once more how well trained his staff was. He looked at his wife who was already walking toward him, slowly opening her uniform shirt. "Well, colonel, let's hope that your office is sound proof." He said with an almost convincing voice. "It is." She playfully answered before climbing on her husband's legs."
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