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 Post subject: Joker
PostPosted: Wed Apr 3, '19, 9:08 pm 
A new trailor is out for the upcoming " Joker " movie starring Joaquin Phoenix due to open sometime in October of this year, I think it is.

Be warned there may be a few scenes that some may find disturbing and may not wish to see. ... on-1198708

What does everyone think of this?

I find it a little disturbing. I know the Joker is a bad guy, but I just don't like thinking of him as this "evil". Joaquin Phoenix is a wonderful actor and terrific in anything he does.

 Post subject: Re: Joker
PostPosted: Fri Oct 4, '19, 7:58 pm 
The movie "Joker" comes out in theaters starting today (Friday, Oct. 4, 2019).

Is anyone planning to go see this movie?

I am not sure what to think of it with all the reviews and comments I have read. It sounds very, very dark. I have read that there are warnings against people ever seeing it due to it's dark nature, etc.

Also, I read there will be no Batman in the movie. What is Joker without Batman????

I do think actor Joquinn (sp?) Phoenix is a superb actor and will give a magnificent performance but I am not sure that will even be enough to make this movie work.

If anyone sees it, let us know what you think, without giving too much away for other possible viewers.

 Post subject: Re: Joker
PostPosted: Sat Oct 5, '19, 8:45 pm 
Update: It looks like Joker had a fairly good opening night making around $13 Million.


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