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 Post subject: Joe's Bar, from Deja Vu.
PostPosted: Wed Mar 20, '13, 12:08 am 

This song is so awesome. Probably the jazziest song I've tried so far, and in my opinion one of the best songs from any NES game I've played. I used Hydrogen to add a very, ah, workmanlike drum line, and I got over my fear of drawing hats and trench coats to draw the great Ace Harding, the greatest sleuth since Batman and Father Brown.

PostPosted: Wed Mar 20, '13, 10:20 pm 
Oooh, that is catchy! Jazz piano was one thing I could never get the hang of. You even managed to throw in some little ornaments here and there - awesome work!

I was always terrible at creating drum tracks, so I won't judge your "workmanlike" percussion. :D

PostPosted: Sat Mar 23, '13, 2:28 am 
Thank you! Yeah, I actually played it pretty much note for note from the soundtrack, so even the ornamental notes were from the original. I felt a little bad about that, because the song is obviously a little jazzy, and I did absolutely no improv (and didn't change anything!). I unfortunately don't have the ambidexterity for it yet, but here's hoping, ha.

PostPosted: Sun Mar 24, '13, 7:53 pm 
We'll add "improv" to the list of "things I don't get Judgey McJudgerson" about. As I played the saxophone before the bassoon, I played in my school's jazz bands, and then later did some gigs in college. Even though people kept telling me I was perfectly competent at it, I HATED improvising solos, and in many cases, steadfastly refused to do so. The running joke during the college gigs was that since we were partially paid in beer, so our last set was always the best of the night. My contribution to the solos (I played bari sax) usually went something like this:

Tenor guy: You wanna take a solo?
Me: Uh-uh.
Tenor guy: Come on, do it.
Me: Nope. *shakes head*
Epically hot trumpet guy: How about now?
Me: Nope.
Drunk guy in the front row: WOOOOOO! You guys rock! HEY! Make her play that...that...big thing!
Me: Nope. Not taking a solo.
Other bandmates: He wants you to play!
Me: Too bad. I don't like solos.
[two beers later]
Alto guy/bandleader: Jen, take a damn solo already, it's the last set.
Me: FINE. *fumbles through something vaguely jazzy*
Drummer: Hey, great solo!
Me: No, it sucked. I forgot what key we were in.
Drummer: Eh, I couldn't tell.

And so on.

Improvising on the piano was right out, as there's more than one note to worry about at a time! I always had such respect for jazz pianists, because I don't think I could EVER do it.

PostPosted: Wed Mar 27, '13, 12:31 am 
I get really terrified when playing live, I won't lie. I imagine having to improvise would be a lot worse in that regard. I like noodling around and jamming with friends, but I've never tried my hand at structured improvisation (of course, I've never really played jazz, either; playing this song has gotten me kind of interested in learning more about it, at least the smoother varieties).

But speaking of playing music, do you still play the saxophone? If you do, you need to add that to the list of instruments required in future Youtube uploads! Baritone sax is quite cool.

PostPosted: Thu Mar 28, '13, 12:58 am 
I don't think I've played the saxophone since I stopped teaching, unfortunately. I was a tenor player for much of my saxophoning career, though when I taught, I usually had to play alto, as that's what most of the kids played. I do LOVE playing bari, but alas, I don't own one! (I have an alto, a tenor, and a soprano stashed at my parents' of these days I'll move all the instruments into my house! And once I do that, then yes, they will appear in my youtube arrangements, assuming I can get all the recording equipment working properly!)

PostPosted: Sun Mar 31, '13, 4:25 am 

I did another Deja Vu cover, so I figured I would post it here and not clutter the board anymore than I already have. I didn't exactly get a perfect run on this song, but I really like the song itself, so I'm pretty happy with it.

Also, augmentedfourth, I'm very much looking forward to seeing you break out the saxophones! I don't see enough VGM covers with the cooler instruments. This would be the perfect kind of song for it. One day we might all need to do a massive Fringes of Algo community cover song.

PostPosted: Sun Mar 31, '13, 9:52 am 
Traditionaly, I'm not a big fan of Jazz (to not tell that I don't like it at all ! But there is some exceptions ! :) )
The proof is here : excellent tracks ! Great job, Bragatyr :)

But about the Saxophone (and I'll say sorry to augmentedfourth ! Gomen... :oops: ) : for me this is the instrument with the "worst sound" I've ever heard :( Sorry but that is only my opinion : when I heard a saxophone...I just want to leave ! But I suppose that we all have some sort of musics and instruments that we like less than the others :)
But when you'll break out your instruments : I'll try to listen to it and maybe I'll change my mind ? :)

PostPosted: Sat Apr 6, '13, 5:43 am 
Thank you, myau56. But dude. I can't believe you don't like the saxophone! I don't think I've ever met anybody in my life who doesn't think saxophones are awesome. This is madness!

PostPosted: Sun Apr 7, '13, 9:47 pm 
Eh oui ! It's possible ! ;) "The exception which proves the rule" ^^ Really I don't like at all Saxophone sonority, sorry about that :(

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