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Kart parts

Kart parts

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 Post subject: Kart parts
PostPosted: Tue Mar 31, '15, 10:29 pm 
I barely finished this month's picture in time. Once again, an entry for the Phantasy Star Arts group in deviantART.

These are the Phantasy Star III heroes enjoying some calm times. :mrgreen:

I hope you like it, rushed as it is. :yes:


 Post subject: Re: Kart parts
PostPosted: Wed Apr 1, '15, 1:34 am 
Great work Icecypher! Once again, I love all the colors. That rappy is so cute!! Looks like the guy is wearing his ice cream, lol. Nice touch there. All the faces are so intent and really capture your eye. Good pic to also help celebrate Spring's arrival.

 Post subject: Re: Kart parts
PostPosted: Wed Apr 1, '15, 1:48 pm 
I am absolutely not a fan of any form of PS3 parody and I hate rappies as a whole but that... that made me laugh loud enough to draw the attention of my co-workers.

Wren's face is priceless.

As usual, well done sir.

 Post subject: Re: Kart parts
PostPosted: Wed Apr 1, '15, 5:41 pm 
Thanks, guys. Glad you like it.

SS, I got some influence from the PS Nova rappy style. They are designed to be too cute in that one (and I like them because of rare drops).

Food falling down is something I have included in some pics before; since this is something that happens with some frequency in real life (especially with ice creams, popsicles, and bread with something spread on it), I tend to use it on "everyday life" pics.

Aero, I also hate PS III's rappies.

But I do not see this as nor intend it to be a parody. :mrgreen:

It is just a "peaceful times" picture. What the royal family may have done during the years when they did not have to fight for their lives. Perhaps the clothes were too real world (or too PS II or PS IV, which have civilians wear normal clothes) instead of the medieval style from PS III, but, other than that, I think something like this may have happened without being out of character. :yes:

And what face would we make if we were being drived face first at that speed? And just because we cannot see them, it does not mean there are no obstacles in front of them, too. ;)

Did you let your friends see what caused your laugh attack?

 Post subject: Re: Kart parts
PostPosted: Thu Apr 2, '15, 12:40 pm 
The clothing is all right if you consider it to be peaceful times. The PS3 universe is obscure at best, combining medieval and sci-fi. Fans always tend to make it the "adorable" PS game, I never understood why.

However, your fascination for making your lead male characters wear a wife-beater is a thing of wonder. This particular piece of clothing is... the epitome of uncool?

Also, I don't just hate PS3's rappies. I hate all rappies. I hate everything (within the game) that aims to take Phantasy Star, a somewhat serious and dark sci-fi experience and make it cute and cuddly. i specifiy "within the game" because fanbase is a totally other thing. We're all free to express our love of PS any way we see fit and while the context of your current drawing is a relative turn-off to me, your style always wins my heart. You have a skilled hand and I never tire to look at your work.

Sooo.... draw me something dark and awesome? ;-)

And no, I kept the source of my laughter somewhat private. They would not understand. Uninitiated neophytes.

 Post subject: Re: Kart parts
PostPosted: Thu Apr 2, '15, 3:38 pm 
So, not neophytes, but unconverted pagans.

I guess I could draw you a Dark Phallu... Dark Force, I mean. Kidding. I am drawing something for Zio that I am sure you would like. Wait for it.

When you call it "wife beater" it sounds way worse than it is (that is a terrible name). I see them as "tank tops", and they are simply comfortable pieces of clothing that look cool for someone lean and muscular. In the "rainy" picture of PS II, it is something worn by Yousis/Rolf below his combat armor, and it can be seen when he is in mourning and indoors. In this case, it is the "beach-like" complement to the sandals, sunglasses and bermuda shorts. :mrgreen:

Is it also uncool if a young boy wears them? I think Ayn would be around 5 or 6 here, and he follows the same clothing style as his parents here (notice that she is also wearing a wife beater). :yes:

I am not sure if you would like PS Nova. Not a spoiler to tell you that a ship and its crew are stranded in a planet where they cannot use photon arts, and a good part of the crew gets killed in the first minutes. After that, they have to struggle just to survive and find a way out of there. However, that does not stop them from trying to make the best out of their stay there, with some very comical scenes in the side-stories.

Oh, and all rappies survive the battles. They all leave after they have been beaten. Would you feel better if they died just like all the other monsters? :up:

Anyway, I think you do deserve the dark pictures, too. The one I mentioned before would fit, but perhaps even the one I will do this month for the Phantasy Arts monthly jam would. It will still have its "cute" part (since it will feature Huey), but it will be a battle scene against a strong boss, so there's that, as well.

And glad to see you like my pics, even this one. Just imagine there is a big rock in front of the robot and the prince, and that, even though the robot tries his best to protect the young boy, he still had an arm's bones broken after this. ;)

Edit: The rappy was completely unharmed, though... :sing: :proposetoast: :party: :neenerneener: :shiftyeyes: :misspeak:

Last edited by Icecypher on Thu Apr 2, '15, 3:38 pm, edited 1 time in total.

 Post subject: Re: Kart parts
PostPosted: Thu Apr 2, '15, 6:34 pm 
hahahah dude you crack me up.

Tank tops are fine, especially on girls. A wife beater is the derogative term given to a white tank top that is generally worn my men. They feature extremely narrow shoulder straps, low neck line and also tend to be skin-tight. Generally worn by men who should stay clear of skin tight clothes.

The way you dressed Maia is fine, it's actually adorable.

Keep doing the art the way you like it, it's what keeps the PS community alive.

As for PS Nova... I find that everything since PSO is all the same thing, rehashed. PSU was a good try but it featured a weak storyline, populated by the most ridiculous, annoying and least interesting NPCs in the universe. PS-Zero was PSO's slow witted little cousin featuring cowboys. After one hour, I was ready to cry. If PS Nova follows the downhill trend, I don't think I want to get acquainted.

 Post subject: Re: Kart parts
PostPosted: Thu Apr 2, '15, 10:43 pm 
I know I don't wear tank tops. I am a man who shall stay clear of skin tight clothes. :melodramatic: Besides, I love loose-fitting clothes (both shirts and jeans).

I know newlywed girls/ladies who look like that when they go on picnics with their families. She was so small that she may still have that body even after becoming a mother. And if she was married at 16, even if she waited a couple of years before getting pregnant, she would still be very young at this point, so her clothes should show it. :mrgreen:


Nova's story is decent enough. I think it is a good thing (for this one game) to have the story limited to one planet. Of course, being this type of game, the story is short and the game just goes on and on after the ending, with a neverending hunt for enemy drops and all that.

Aeroprism wrote:If PS Nova follows the downhill trend, I don't think I want to get acquainted.


That's too bad, man...

 Post subject: Re: Kart parts
PostPosted: Thu Apr 2, '15, 11:34 pm 
I stand corrected on that: It doesn't seem to follow the downhill path I so loathe. It actually looks very neat.

However: 1- It's not in English and at this point of my life, I will not be bothered with guessing a Japanese GUI or fan made translations. 2- It's on a console I do not own and do not play getting.

The score is composed by Motoi Sakuraba: aka Video game music Jesus.

 Post subject: Re: Kart parts
PostPosted: Sun Dec 25, '16, 3:28 pm 
Wow ! Superb work here ! The representation of Wren is perfect ! Love this work so much : so...keep up the good work !! :clap: :clap:

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