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 Post subject: The Orville
PostPosted: Thu Dec 20, '18, 2:45 am 
Anyone watching this tv show called "The Orville"?

I haven't watched it but saw a few minutes of it one day. I think it's supposed to be a rip off of "Star Trek" or something like that.

Anyway, the DVD of the First complete Season is now out in stores supposedly. I have been trying to find it at our local Walmart but they do not have it.

 Post subject: Re: The Orville
PostPosted: Thu Jan 3, '19, 8:57 pm 
Finally got the "Orville:Season1" DVD today. Reviews coming after I have time to watch it.

Anyone else watching this tv series?

Any favorite characters or actors in the show?

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 Post subject: Re: The Orville
PostPosted: Tue Apr 2, '19, 1:25 am 
I enjoyed the first season, though I missed a few episodes. The show is a fusion of space exploration with modern comedy. The science fiction element feels very much like Star Trek, especially TNG or Voyager. The humor is more crass than you'd see in a Trek show, though. The creator and main star is the same guy behind Family Guy, so if you've seen any of that you have an idea of what the humor can resemble.

The second season is airing now. I've missed most of this one, though. I always forget it's coming on and haven't looked it up online.

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