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PostPosted: Thu Apr 8, '10, 4:33 am 
I'm totally bored right now, so help me pick out some names for Rudo's family in a yet-to-be-written story.

As far as I know, no names were given for Rudo's wife and child (and at least one legitimate source, I think, states that he had a daughter, so I'm looking for female names only).

If it helps, here are some general descriptions I have in mind right now:

I was thinking of writing his wife as being just a couple of years younger than him. I see her as tall and willowy, with long, curly brown hair and light eyes and skin. I don't picture her as being a knockout, but at least above-average looking. She's sweet, but no shrinking violet.

His daughter would be a toddler. She has blonde hair, but that's about as far as I've considered the daughter at this point.

Any ideas? I'm considering Maren for the wife, but I'm really stuck on the daughter's name. I prefer names that aren't made up and nothing that's too trendy (like Madison for a girl). Thanks for helping out!

PostPosted: Thu Apr 8, '10, 4:42 am 
Names for the Daughter:
............Okay I'm all out now :lol:

PostPosted: Thu Apr 8, '10, 4:48 am 
Those are all great, Lucas. Thanks! I especially like Natalie and Cynthia. Oh, and Teresa. And Lola! Ahhh! So many to choose from! :wink:

PostPosted: Thu Apr 8, '10, 4:50 am 
Most of the names I just listed I had picked out for either or Autumn or Elisa in my fan fiction story. But they never went through obviously.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 8, '10, 4:54 am 
I think it's a tossup between Cynthia (nicknamed Cindy) and Lola now.

I was also thinking of the name Noelle, but I don't know if it's too... planet Earth-like, if that makes sense. After all, Noelle means "Christmas" and that just doesn't work in Algo, does it?

PostPosted: Thu Apr 8, '10, 5:30 am 
I guess I'll drop a few names in there...

Mitzy (or Misty)
Alanna (Or Lanny)
Lillith (Or Lilly)

Just to name a few >.>

PostPosted: Thu Apr 8, '10, 5:47 am 
Jenna, Rose, Lilac, Allie, Mary, Diane, Sarah, Cheryl, Janet, Karen, Lola, Nina, Tricia, Vickie, Anne, Tara, Cate, Dani, Bianca, Edith, Helen, Lita, Louise, Jolene, Nicole...

If it helps, Tanith, the way you describe Rudo's wife makes her sound like a Nicole or Jolene, for some reason. Their daughter, of course, can be named whatever you want. =p

PostPosted: Thu Apr 8, '10, 5:50 am 
Hey Wait.. wouldn't their names be mentioned in Rudgers Story?

The telemodem game like Nei's Adventure?

You could always go with something akin to..

Reina for the mother and Rin/Ren/Rena for the daughter.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 8, '10, 8:40 am 
Snorb - Funny you mention Jolene; I thought of Joanna (nickname Jo) for the wife, too. Maybe I'll go with a Jo name.

I see Rose and Sara/Sarah on both Snorb's and Atlinsmere's lists; those are now in consideration, too. Gah, decisions, decisions!

Rick - Is there a translation of Rudger's Adventure somewhere that you know of? Let me know if it exists somewhere; thanks! (Thanks for your suggestions, too. I kind of feel like these Japanese games (not necessarily Phantasy Star) have a lot of Ren/Rin names as it is, but Renée would be another great choice.)

Thanks for helping out, everyone!

PostPosted: Thu Apr 8, '10, 12:01 pm 
I'm pretty sure the Text Adventure just refers to them as his wife and daughter, like every other official source (at least three of them). They were already dead when the Text Adventure starts.

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