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 Post subject: Batman collection missing
PostPosted: Thu Oct 1, '09, 10:59 pm 
Heard about this on the news today, and have to say that this is all really weird: ... -miami_fl/

Lol, this is a sad story but whoever wrote that article above did a sensational job and must have been a Batman fan. :wink: I especially like the "riddle me this" part, lol.

Here's another link:

I sure hope they find that missing Batman collection, though. If it was in several warehouses, then there must have been a whole lot of it. :yaknow:

PostPosted: Fri Oct 2, '09, 4:16 am 
Not to demean the situation this guy's family is facing, but that story sounds like something out of a Batman comic. I can't believe the police aren't considering this in their investigation of the man's death. They believe he was murdered and now a massive amount of his property is found to be missing. It doesn't take the World's Greatest Detective to realize that there just might be a connection or motive hinted by that.

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