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PostPosted: Fri Jul 27, '07, 10:31 pm 
Today we have a big update focusing mainly on Phantasy Star and Generation 1. There are maps, a wallpaper, images, and a PSII fan game!

A Maps section has been added to help you get through those maze-like dungeons of the first game. We're starting out with just a few maps for Phantasy Star I, but expect more in coming weeks. The other games will get their own map sections later.

Several new screenshots have been added to the Generation 1 Stills and Generation 1 Scenes pages. These feature the cutscenes from the beginning of the game up to Myau's recruitment. We also have our first Generation 1 wallpaper, Alis meets Myau, featuring a nice high-res version of that cutscene. I plan to make similar wallpapers from other G1 cutscenes later, in addition to the regular monthly wallpaper.

To wrap today's additions up, we've got the Naflign's Ego partial Nei's Adventure Remake in a new Fan Games area in the Downloads section. It's only a beta of the remake, a project that was never finished, but it's a great teaser for those that have never played Nei's Adventure. A very nice wallpaper is included with it, too. Thanks to The Komrade for sending this in.

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