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PostPosted: Tue Apr 7, '09, 11:02 pm 
A third party company is planning to release a rip off of the Wiimote for Xbox 360 later this year. What do you think, are there any existing 360 games you'd like to play with a controller that's more like the Wiimote than a traditional setup? They're thinking about making one for the PS3, too.

I'm just surprised something like it isn't already on the market. Given how successful the Wii has been, I figured someone would have tried to copy it already.

IGN has pictures of the 360 version.

PostPosted: Wed Apr 8, '09, 7:00 pm 
The designs and ideas behind the Wii have never enticed me, which is why I don't have one, so I don't see a point in buying a similar controller for any other systems. I can't envision a single genre of gaming controlling better using a Wiimote.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 9, '09, 4:52 pm 
Hmm. I'm somewhat torn about this one. I mean, sure, like many Wii owners, I've envisioned a sort of 'Wii HD', which supposedly Nintendo is working on. (Skeptical, I am.) And if it does prove it's worth on the 360, then I'll nominate one of the Halo titles for a new control set based on one. Well, maybe it they add some sort of joystick to at least make it easier to move about.

However, looking over to the Wii's current selection of...ugh...rubbish third-party-mini-game-aplenty titles, I don't see this being used to it's real potential, just like the Wii itself. Unless, you know, Microsoft does indeed rework the controls and get Halo compatible; Then it can be complete rubbish but still make millions, thanks to rabid Halo fans.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 9, '09, 6:49 pm 
So a third party is developing the controller? I couldn't imagine Microsoft making accommodations in their games for it, so I don't really see a point in it. Not to be mean or anything...

PostPosted: Thu Apr 9, '09, 8:17 pm 
I can't see Microsoft supporting it either, since it is third party. It will be up to the controller maker to ensure that it works with other games. If they had something like a nunchuck, I could see that working better than just a remote.

PostPosted: Wed May 27, '09, 2:25 am 
It's amazing what some companies will pull off when it comes to money.

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