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PostPosted: Mon Feb 22, '10, 4:04 am 
I finally got Phantasy Star 0. I only waited what over a year and about another three months or so but it finally got its well-deserved Australian release. I seen it at my local Gametraders store they had four copies of it in brand-new. It actually surprised me because I never knew an Australian release date I only knew the European one. I picked one copy up read the back of it then put the game down and walked away :blank: . Then I came back again looked at the case again thought about it and left :? . I wasn’t sure if I should get it or wait for a price drop but what was the chance of that happening anytime soon. So for the third and final time I entered the store, I picked up the first copy headed over to the counter and payed the $69.95 for it (Aussie dollars by the way). Meh, I’ll make the money back up plus a little more just after one day of work. I’m just glad it finally arrived. I know its not going be anywhere near as impressive as the classic games. But I never got a chance to play PSO so PS0 will do me fine I guess. I love making CASTs so my first character is of course a male CAST. :wink:

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