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PostPosted: Mon Feb 2, '15, 10:46 am 
And yes another PS3 question for my fellow gamers:

Is it possible to replace a PSP analog stick with a larger analog stick?

Admittedly, I purchased the history recently without actually inspecting one up close and personal. Seeing as I have owned a Nintendo 3 DS and then upgraded to the 3 DS XL, perhaps I am a bit spoiled by the learner more dominant analog stick design, soil results I keep finding myself wanting to somehow disassemble this and install a bigger analog stick for the PSP.

now you can pay only me and my preference toward the 3 DS. In my reasoning is: most games I play focused much much more on the analog stick for movement and function, rather than the increasingly outdated D pad. I mean even Phantasy Star Portable follows this logic is not the only game surely.

Not only do I find the it cumbersome that this analog stick is tiny and smaller then the lesser used D pad, I also find it a nuisance that the locations of the analog stick and the D pad are not ergonomic, and I find that the analog stick his "out of my way" in my efforts to access it”I can see Sony trying to keep in line with its controller layout, but times have changed. It's not 1994 1998 any longer. I prefer the setup of the Xbox's controller and its analog stick location to be far more sensible for the way games design today. Other notable mentions are the GameCube which had a lovely setup, and what I consider the best controller long time, the Dreamcast’s.

But in short, has anyone attempted or know of anyone who has, or has at least heard or read anything about upgrading to a larger analog stick in a PSP?

(I have only just recently acquired a PSP 3000, the God of War Ghost of Sparta limited-edition version, which I only know is the PSP 3000 model line, but I am unsure if this is the same as a PSP slim or something different altogether. I know next to nothing about the PSP. Despite owning a PS3 for only one year now, I've only just set up the PS Network account recently. I only bought it used because of the color scheme which is black but with red buttons. I have never owned nor played God of War. Of course this decision was not in made purely on the subjective of what to me would usually seem the irrelevance of prettiness of the PSP device. Now now, this was a calculated decision too. I managed to get this system plus Final Fantasy Tactics, Half Minute Hero, Star Ocean First Departure, Dissidia, and of course Phantasy Star Portable – – all for $80 free shipping and very good condition in a snipe on eBay, of which 3 of the titles I will sell back, which will bring the total expense of this to hopefully around $40 for this limited edition PSP and the 2 games FFT and PSP.)

Anyway back on track again, sorry, any offer pointers with regards to the replacement of the analog stick or is it even exists, thank you in advance.


PostPosted: Mon Feb 2, '15, 6:21 pm 
I did a quick google search and turned up plenty of results, so I imagine it's doable for those so inclined. May be worthwhile for you to check out some of the how-tos.

PostPosted: Mon Feb 2, '15, 9:58 pm 
i did as well, and while there are replacement analog sticks for sale, it doesn't really comment on the size or a portion of the analog sticks. Most are merely marketed as replacements, which defeats the purpose of tinkering with it in the first place. If only things for sale had schematics listed. Although if there is a way to be innovative, I would. Like soldering an older generation controller’s analog stick and place of the PSP stick. I actually don't think that Sony's dual shock controller stick will work sue to the mechanism of that analog stick vs. the slim base is the PSP analog stick.

And time to start ruining some controllers. For science!

PostPosted: Mon Feb 2, '15, 10:07 pm 
Zio_Falz wrote:And time to start ruining some controllers. For science!

Do it for science! I'm actually interested in how it works out for you. As a small-handed, small-thumbed individual, I find the small sticks on the Vita perfectly fine, but I'm interested here. I imagine you can't be the only one with some problems with the small sticks.

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