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Rudo reached for an orange button above his seat, pressing it to open the side-hatch of the jet scooter. A low humming noise was made as the door's mechanisms lifted it until it was parallel to ground level.

"I'll go in first," Rudo announced to the small group before popping the gum into his mouth. With his gun in hand and his pack slung over his shoulder, he lowered his head to pass through the hatch. Because of his height, this was his only complaint with the jet scooter and its low ceiling. He made a loud splash as he dived headfirst into the ocean, soon disappearing into its depths.

"We should hurry and follow him," Rolf ordered, glancing at Shir as he gathered his items. He didn't have to worry about Nei; she always followed the others.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" the green-haired woman asked, flipping her shoulder-length hair with a hand.

"Because you're the only one who isn't getting ready." Rolf stated curtly, helping Nei to put on her pack. "You're all set, Nei?"

The girl simply gave him a nod as she equipped her twin claws. "Yes, I am," she said, a smile playing on her lips. "If you don't hurry, we'll leave you behind!" Nei giggled, patting Shir's shoulder as she passed by her seat and headed towards the open hatch.

After Nei plunged into the water, Shir finally grabbed her pack and knives, then went to stand before the hatch. Yet, she was reluctant to join the others.

"Let me tell you," she slid her knives into the sides of her belt and rested her hands on her hips, "we don't know what's down there. Personally, I think you're crazy for doing the things you do...and yet..." she sighed, grabbing Rolf's hand and holding it tightly, "...part of me enjoys the thrill."

"Are you ready?" he asked, standing beside her and looking down into the unknown depths of the ocean.

"Yes, I think I am..." she took a deep breath and relaxed, then placed the gum in her mouth. "Ugh!" she covered her mouth, bending forward slightly, "This tastes awful!"

"Shir, it's not that bad." he placed an arm around her shoulders, unable to contain his laughter.

The thief gave him a firm kick to his shin before leaping into the water ahead of him.

"Ow!" he instinctively knelt down and gripped his leg where the sharp pain throbbed.

"Remember Rolf..." she said sweetly as she remained afloat, "it's not that bad," she added with a wink before going underwater.

He gathered his composure and leapt out into the water, hitting the orange button on his way out to close the hatch. Once he was submerged beneath the water, Rolf could feel his mouth filling with air with each bite of the Manuera gum.

All around him seemed to be an endless void; the only land formations were various reefs in the distance that dared to reach for the sky. Far below where the sunlight's rays faded were a pool of shadows, wandering within the wide crevice near Climatrol. The water seemed clouded, as it appeared before when viewing it from the Jet Scooter, so it made navigation even more difficult.

It wasn't long before he spotted Shir swimming ahead, following after Nei and Rudo who were entering the fissure. After catching up to Rudo and the others, it became apparent that Nei was the one leading them through the dark maze.

'It's almost as if Nei's being led by something,' Rolf thought to himself as they made another turn and ran into a fork in the path.

Nei paused for a moment before choosing the left tunnel, ignoring the other one. 'This just feels right,' she assured herself, spotting a patch of blurred light in the roof overhead. 'Maybe...that's it?' Without any question in her mind, she swam up towards the bright rays of light, entering a new space above the water.

As the air hit her body, her long hair stuck to her slender frame and her soaked clothing weighed her down. "It's so cold!" the girl shrieked, shivering as she crawled onto the cold metal floor and sat upright. "I don't think I'll need this anymore..." she said to herself, removing the Manuera gum from her mouth.

She observed the eerily silent atmopsphere, and how the metal-plated walls were coated with dust and traces of something else, but wasn't sure of what.

Moments after, Rudo and Shir appeared, each having difficulty getting out of the water. Rudo was a strong man, but with his heavy armor and equipment, it took him a moment to get onto the wet floor without slipping. Shir, on the other hand, preferred to stay in the water rather than get out.

"Why is it so cold in here!?" Shir yelled, spitting out the gum. "At least I don't have to chew on that anymore..."

"Where's Rolf?" Nei asked slowly, wrapping her arms around her legs.

"Good question," the hunter replied as he shifted through the contents of his pack, "he's probably still in the water."

"Eeek!" the thief shrieked, jumping out of the water and splashing the others. "Something touched me! Something grabbed my LEG!"

Rudo side-glanced at Nei, who cocked her head to the side. "I wonder what that was?" he muttered, his voice thick with sarcasm.

Shir drawn her knives, shivering from the cold. "Whatever it is, I'm not going to let it get away with this!" she laughed, assuming her fighting stance.

"Maybe it was Rolf?" Nei blurted out, still hugging her legs to her chest.

They all watched as the agent entered the room, clinging to the edge of the hole in the floor.

"I was wondering when you'd move out of the way, Shir." Rolf groaned, spewing gum from his mouth in a coughing fit.

"Rolf!" the enraged thief roared, the flush on her face deepening. "How DARE you!"

"Huh?" Rolf blinked, unaware that he was the focus of Shir's burning fury.

"You touched me!" she snapped, shaking a knife in his direction.

"Not like I could've asked you to move," he sighed, pulling himself up and walking over to Nei. "How are you feeling?"

"Cold," the girl looked up at Rolf and gave him a weak smile, "but I'll be okay."

He offered her a hand and helped her up. "Maybe after we dry off it won't feel so chilly."

"Hey, don't ignore me!" Shir growled, clenching the hilt of each short blade tighter.

The blond rose to his full height and shook himself, attempting to get the water out of his clothes and armor. "Hopefully there aren't too many monsters here, Rolf," he said quietly, looking down the empty hallway.

The thief caught Rudo's subtle hint and averted her line of vision from the agent, lowering her knives to her sides. She knew that they had to work together, and any mishaps could prove to be fatal in this foreign environment.

"Monsters..." Nei followed Rudo's gaze, a small frown forming on her lips. "We haven't seen anything yet, have we?"

Rolf ran a hand through his short blue hair, moving his damp bangs away from his forehead. "No, but we should be on our guard at the very least." he responded in a more serious tone. "We don't know what we'll find here, but what I do know is that we have to seek the source of the problem."

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