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Okay, since there's no PSII fanfiction, I thought I'd post this... (yes, spoilers galore!) That, and there's parts to it, so I thought they could go in the same thread to keep it simple rather than cluttering up the fanfictions. ^_^

He noticed it when they approached Climatrol, when it was visible from the ocean's surface. He didn't say anything, but he felt that something was off, something that was left unspoken.

As the party of four each peered out different windows of the jet scooter to view the submerged system, each reacted differently. The older of the two men, with his arms folded over his broad chest, took a long look in silence. Shir, the green-haired thief furrowed her brow slightly, pondering about their leader's possible methods of reaching the underwater structure.

Rolf had other concerns as he glanced over at Nei, who was seated in the passenger's seat beside him with her hands balled into fists on her lap. She gazed into the water blankly, as if she were looking past what everyone else was seeing and sensing something more.

'This isn't like her at all,' Rolf's inner thoughts stirred in his mind, 'She's usually excited or curious when we're exploring new places. I've only seen her this afraid one other months ago.'

"So, Rolf," Shir interrupted his train of thought, "How are we supposed to go down...there?" she paused before saying the last word, her hesitation was evident.

"We'll use the Maruera gum to breathe underwater and reach Climatrol." the blue-haired youth stated bluntly and to the point. That's how he always was, cutting straight to the chase and very direct about things.

"How do we know if it'll really work?" The thief tapped her knuckle against the glass window to her right. "What if we all die down there because we're placing blind faith into something that some guy claims to work?"

"The people of Kueri mentioned their ancestors working in the ocean, before Mother Brain had prohibited people from traveling overseas," he pointed out, reaching for his pack placed near his feet while he was explaining, "so it only makes sense that the Manuera leaves that they spoke of were associated with their work."

An air of arrogance hung around Shir, who was determined to come out on top. "Basing facts off old stories is foolish," she scoffed, waving a slender finger, "an agent such as yourself who's working for the government should know better than that."

Shir's stubbornness always aggitated Rolf to some level, or maybe it was her pride? He wasn't sure which it was, but the thief always wanted the last word. This time, he wouldn't let her have that since she decided to come along for the ride.

"There are times when you have to follow your gut feeling, and this is one of those times, Shir." Rolf said with a confident smile, handing her a piece of the Manuera gum.

"My gut feeling tells me otherwise, Rolf." Shir grumbled, snatching the gum from Rolf's hand in one swift movement. "If you get us killed, then it'll only be YOU at fault!" she piped, batting her index finger in his direction.

Her frustration earned her a very unwanted chuckle from him. Unwanted, since she dislikes being laughed at.

"Have I steered you wrong before?" he asked, grinning wider.

Her response to that was chucking the piece of gum that he had handed her right back at him, hitting him square on the forehead.

Rolf blinked, blankly watching it ricochet off his white headband. "You know you have to eat that, right?"

"Are you kidding me? I will do no such thing!" she stuck her tongue out, blowing him a raspberry.

"Did we HAVE to bring her along?" the hunter sighed, then drew his hand up to his temple.

"Hey!" Shir snapped, placing her hands on her hips.

"No one else wanted to come," the blue-haired agent glanced at the hunter seated behind him through a small mirror in the front and sighed as well. "Amy wanted a break, Anna didn't feel like going anywhere, Hugh was busy studying something..." he counted each of them on his left hand as they were being mentioned.

"Even putting up with Kain would be less annoying than her constant complaining." Rudo quipped with a smirk.

In truth, Rudo didn't like either of them much. He found Kain's accent to be incoherent at times while Shir's mischievous behaviour often got her into some form of trouble.

"Where is the world's greatest mechanic, anyways?" the blond asked with a sarcastic smile, moving his hand to the chair's arm.

"Not sure," Rolf shrugged as he tossed Rudo a piece of the gum, keeping one for himself and another for Nei. "He said something about making a quick trip and returning within the next day or so."

"Figures." Rudo narrowed his eyes at Shir, who's attention was fixed on his piece of gum, "Don't even think about it."

Shir responded with a groan, retrieving her gum off the floor before slumping back into her seat. "This is what I get for seeking the thrill of the chase..." she brushed off the gum, inspecting it for dirt.

"Nei," Rolf extended his hand towards her, offering a piece of gum, "you're going to need this."

The young girl's long ears perked up at the mention of her name. She snapped out of her trance and turned around in her seat to face him, pushing her vibrant purple hair back with a hand.

"Nei?" he repeated, feeling that something was wrong.

"What is it, Rolf?" she asked, her ruby-red eyes held the same bewildered look she often gave him when she didn't understand.

"Here," he quickly dismissed his thoughts reached for her hand, placing a piece of gum in it, "this is for you."

A metal click came from behind them, followed by the nervous laughter of Shir.

Rolf and Nei followed the source of the noise to see Rudo behind them with an angry expression, holding his gun inches away from the thief's face. After exchanging glances, Nei whispered, "I wonder what she did to Mr. Rudo?"

The agent nearly fell out of his chair, surprised that Nei was still naive as ever about things.

"O-okay," Shir stuttered, "I'll give it back..." With a shaky hand, she slowly returned the stolen item to Rudo's free hand.

"Damn thief," Rudo grunted, lowering his gun, "can't be trusted."

She brushed back her green bangs and wiped the sweat off her forehead with the back of her hand. "Whew, stealing gum isn't worth it."


Longer than I thought! So, what do you guys think so far? I'm trying to improve on my writing, even if it's just for fun. :)
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