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 Post subject: Graduation day
PostPosted: Wed Apr 30, '08, 9:35 pm 
So, it is almost the beginning of May and it will soon be time for the end of school in many areas of the country, etc., and time for some graduations for some students.

Are you graduating this year? If so, are you graduating from one grade to another, or one school to another (example: high school to college, etc.), or graduating out of school altogether?

Also, are you looking forward to summer, and the end of school, or not?

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PostPosted: Sat May 10, '08, 7:50 am 
I hate the summer, I never get to see my friends.

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PostPosted: Sat May 10, '08, 3:27 pm 
Well, I came home for the summer yesterday after a fairly successful, if challenging, junior year in college. I've already got an internship lined up for the summer which I'll be starting at in a couple of weeks, so I have some time to rest. I'll miss my friends, but we'll all be in touch with each other and I know my boyfriend will be visiting once or twice through the summer around both our jobs and other stuff.

Plus, I'm really looking forward to going to Boston next month, as my brother is attending grad school there and is graduating from the master's program at his school.

 Post subject: Re: Graduation day
PostPosted: Tue May 11, '10, 10:09 pm 
Bumping this topic up for this year of 2010 as it is almost June and time for " Graduation Day " in many areas?

Are you graduating from any type of school this year, or do you know of anyone who is?

Congratulations to all you graduates, whoever and wherever you are! :clap:

Wishing you much success and happiness for the future! :proposetoast:

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