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I read about this a few months ago, when it was first announced that there was a very small, barely legible papyrus document in Coptic purporting to mention Jesus's wife in passing, and I was surprised and interested to hear that it's been confirmed as ancient by the scientific community. Not exactly a new idea, since in Coptic/Gnostic documents it's long been implied that Jesus was married, but it's one more piece of testimony from the ancient Christian community that will be fun to mull over.

I just love anything Coptic, I'm not going to lie, one of the most awesome languages ever and so much interesting and mysterious material was written and hidden in it.

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Bragatyr wrote:it's been confirmed as ancient by the scientific community.

Important to mention that although the article may say that it has been confirmed as being ancient, the article also mentions that it has not been confirmed as being true that Jesus had a wife. An interesting theory and topic but, sorry, I just don't believe it. If Jesus had been married then I believe The Holy Bible would have said so when it gave other details of Jesus life including his birth, death, etc. I would be interested to hear more about the Professor mentioned in the article who also does not agree with this theory.

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Yeah, absolutely, like just about anything about the life of Jesus there's no certainty or confirmation about any of this. I'm not sure whether to believe it or not myself, but I do think it's really interesting, and it would make sense historically, given that it would be very unusual for a Jewish/Aramaic man of his age not to be married (but then Jesus was extremely unusual, it wasn't common for a lone man to travel with groups of women publicly, either, but he did that).

Also, I know from personal experience that the Gnostic texts are not always reliable as historical evidence of Jesus, they had a much more mystical understanding of his teachings and everything they said is coded and shrouded in secrecy. For instance, there are Gnostic texts that suggest that Mary Magdalene was both Jesus's companion or lover and also his syzygy, or conjoined one, a Gnostic conception that suggests that two beings were conjoined before birth in a kind of preexistence and are only separated in this physical, imperfect world (which I find kind of neat both because it's a fascinating, somewhat Platonic idea and because I think it gives more credence and stature to the women in Jesus's story, elevating them to the same level).

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Just read something about new findings related to this story: ... -fake.html

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