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 Post subject: Inflatable Shark
PostPosted: Tue Jun 28, '11, 5:31 am 
Several hundreds of new species have been discovered in the area of the Phillipines, including a shark which seems to inflate itself at various times: ... 07930.html

This is amazing!!!! Finding new species of animals, etc., is always intriguing.

 Post subject: Re: Inflatable Shark
PostPosted: Fri Jul 8, '11, 7:17 pm 
When I first read the topic title, I imagine one of those inflatable toys, like a punching bag or pool floater. Those things were a lot of fun when I was a kid. I wondered what someone would want with a shark toy like that. :lol:

A real life shark that inflates is pretty cool, too. I've heard of frogs doing something similar to drive off predators. It's amazing the kinds of variations we can find in nature.

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