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PostPosted: Mon Oct 10, '11, 12:11 am 
The cover for Phantasy Star Adventure, illustrated by Takashi Akaisizawa, invokes the artistic style used for Phantasy Star II cover and manual illustrations. The city skyline and twilight sky shown here particularly invoke a similar scene from the latter game. In the center of the cover, the major characters of the title, except for the unseen character who represents the player, are arranged on a stylized representation of the blue jewel the redheaded girl wears. This is also the only instance of a Phantasy Star game including the final boss on the Japanese cover art.

PostPosted: Mon Oct 10, '11, 1:41 pm 
The enhancer looks like a Parabolic antenna. Lyla looks like a 'Miew Android' and, as you previously stated, Lucero looks like Searren (the beard even looks like those brown things the android has on his cheeks). The key/jewel that gives energy to the enhancer is similar to Miew's jewel that turns red when casting Grants.

The game is a prequel to PSII (if only we knew who the agent was...), but, after this, it would be a nice prequel to PSIII too.

PostPosted: Thu Feb 21, '13, 10:40 pm 
The game was a prequel to PSII ? I didn't know about this fact ! Very interesting to know.
I like very much this cover : great array of characters from the game, even if the game itself isn't very good IMHO.

PostPosted: Thu Feb 21, '13, 11:30 pm 
Talking about being a prequel, it seems that PSGen2 made a link to this game:
In Aukbar, there's a Dezolisian that gives us the "golden gemstone" (黄金の石, ougon no ishi) that seems to have a connection with Ken Miller - certainly the same "golden gemstone" (おうごんのいし, ougon no ishi) that Lyla used. If we give it to an old man named Roto (ロト) in Piata he will make us the Strength Potion (ちから・もりもりん) out of it, that will give an astonishing amount of physical strength to all characters, like The Enhancer(TM) did.

It was a nice link, but they should go a little further and connect it with the golden gemstone from PS1 that was "lost" in Dezolis (the "Carbuncle Eye" from Casba Dragon).

In any case, this game also features a Motabian Agent. We don't know who he is, but the only Agent we know that lived at that time was O'conner. So if one day they decide that he is someone we know from PS2 it can only be him (Although originally it was meant to be each one of us).

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 22, '13, 10:55 pm 
NEWSBLADE : As always, thanks again for your enlightment ! You know alot of things about the Phantasy Star universe : thanks for the precisions and keep up the good work about it ! Speaking and reading japanese is a great gift :)

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