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PostPosted: Mon Oct 4, '10, 4:33 pm
This is a short story I've written some years ago. Excuse me for typos and errors, there has been a time since I've reviewed it and I don't feel like doing that again.

The subject of this story is disturbing, so reader discretion is advised.


Dr. Braudenhoff served as a German field doctor in World War II. He worked in the front, taking care of the wounded soldiers. The decreasing power of German army in 1943 led the 3rd Reich to many losses, which caused many deaths and serious wounds to the soldiers, making Braudenhoff´s work much harder. Almost every day many deaths and amputations occurred in front of him. There were lots of people to be treated and he couldn't manage to save great part of them. He was trying to do his best at the battle sites, but the exhaustive routine of work, the stress of the war and the effects of the winter made him become sick. First some flu caught by the poor work condition, but then aggravating to some serious infection. His continuous fever and occasional dismays made him leave the work for some months to try to recover from his diseases.

Dr. Braudenhoff was very upset because he felt that he was failing in his duty. Although most of the National Socialist Party leaders denied, no one was in better position than him to see that the odds of German army were growing faster and the fall of the third Reich was more a matter of time. He wanted to be there, trying to save people, rather than resting in a hospital, but he wasn’t in fact capable of doing anything.

He had a slow recovering process because he pushed too hard before being forced to leave the front and take a treatment himself. So he lost most of the spring sick and only got better by the middle of 1944. His services were more demanded than ever, as the Allies had already begun the counter attack in Europe. He knew that the work would be worse than it was before he felt sick, but as a doctor he was accustomed with the diseases, though not with the war.

But Commander Histlenheimer came with news that made him very upset. He didn´t know at the time, but he would never be the same again.

"Dr. Braudenhoff, I see you are almost recovered. It’s time to return to work." - said the commander.
"Yes, Commander. I’ve been receiving news from the front and I see that my return to the fields is urgent." - answered the doctor.
"Oh, of course, doc, but the Führer has better plans to talented ones like you. You will be sent to a place where you will help better our Führer plans. You will work to help us achieve our NEW main goal."
"Excuse me, but I have been in the fields since the start of the war, so I think it would be better…"
Forget about that. The orders were given and you will not disobey them, WILL YOU?
"No, Commander, never. What shall I do so?"
"A truck will pick you up tomorrow morning. Just be ready to move. When you arrive there, your orders will be given, so don’t worry and remember, DON'T TELL ANYONE"
"Yes, sir. Heil!"

Dr. Braudenhoff was now confused and somewhat angry. "What the hell is going on? Our men are dying and they will take me somewhere else? Damn! It must be a joke! But what can I do?" Dr. Braudenhoff is acquainted with the recent events of people who had refused to follow the orders. He knew it would be better for him to follow the orders than to complain. "This is what we get from a dictatorship like ours. 10 years helping the country and the first refusal means a bullet in the head".
So he decided to take a walk outside the hospital, in the green garden which was part of his home for the last 4 months. The sky was clear, there were some white clouds and the sun was close to setting.. "I hope the peace returns soon. I want to live like my father, who studied, worked, found a woman, married, had children, dog, a life".
These thoughts made Dr. Braudenhoff sad. He missed his family. He didn’t know well how his mother and his sister Melinda were. He missed so much his sister, which was a treasure to him. He was 10 years older than her and treated her like a sister and a daughter. He remembered the days when he worked at a local store as a salesman and from time to time returned home with the pockets full of candies and saw her beautiful blue eyes shining with the joy of seeing her beloved brother and receiving candies; the long hours he spent playing with her, though, as an 20-year-old man, he had many things more interesting to do. “She must be 18 now. The prettiest girl in the whole Germany.” And as the lights fade away, the thoughts fade away too and he returned to his room, to arrange his things, as he should depart early in the morning.
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