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PostPosted: Mon Jan 18, '10, 5:08 am 
It's a Video Let's Play and it only goes to Dezolis...It's been on a hiatus since May. :P

My commentary is lame and the presentation is pretty no-frills, but at least I don't break the game by overlevelling like some LPers :P

PostPosted: Tue Jan 19, '10, 2:58 pm 
oops...forgot the link. ... 97&index=0

I removed the exploring Kadary video due to some extremely offensive remarks I made about Saudi Arabia and Gary Bettman (not that they don't deserve it...It's disgusting that more Americans dislike civilized and progressive Venezuela than the barbaric and hypocritical Saudi Arabia, though I suppose the latter's ideals appeal to some evangelicals...As for Bettman, just follow hockey for a while), so that's why it's gone.

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