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PostPosted: Fri Oct 1, '10, 8:13 am 
I don't remember seeing a thread like this already, so I'll make one, because I think it's cool to discuss. My favorites in no particular order are

Rolf x Shir
Rhys x Maia
Alyx x Rune (Such a sexy couple! Rune_Walsh, wherever she may be (I know she's on hiatus and not coming back) and Lyla would agree. :D)

PostPosted: Sun Apr 22, '12, 7:37 pm 
Rhys / Maia
Rolf / Anna
Ayn / Sari
Crys / Laya
Sean / Kara (Warrior)

PostPosted: Mon Apr 23, '12, 12:34 am 
The only couples in Phantasy Star are:

Rhys X Maia
Rhys x Lena
Ayn X Thea
Ayn X Sari
Nial X Alair
Nial X Laya
Chaz X Rika
Hahn X Saya

Out of those, I found Chaz X Rika too poor, because the game that boasts so much character interaction has virtually no interaction, no relationship building up between the two. For almost all the scenes, Chaz treats Rika as anyone else in his group. Nial X Alair is not quite good too because the only reason for him to marry her is political (or that she is hot, but that is not a good argument). Hahn X Saya unfortunately falls in the "comic relief" category, and doesn't add much to the game.

All the others are good, they add depth to the story, and you can say they were built over strong feelings.

Sorry, all the other couples are as good as any fanfic you can write about them, but they can never be considered real couples.

PostPosted: Tue Apr 24, '12, 1:07 pm 
Maybe the others are "fanfics couples" but why not ? They will never be considered "real couples" but the others the same as all is fiction ! So...
We can use our imagination to invent other couples if it's what we want to do !
For me the favorite couple ? Tilinelson and Maia !;)
No I don't really now : but the couple Rhys/Maia is for me the favourite because it permits to reunite two countries so that's a great thing (and I think that it was real and true love).

PostPosted: Tue Apr 24, '12, 5:28 pm 
The problem is that invented couples make the thread pointless. If you asked which was the best PSIV moment and I answered "The beach volleyball scene", or if I answered "the best ending" question saying "PSII because Rolf married Nei in Camineet" what would you say? You would think I am crazy or a troll. But it is just the same as Alys and Rune couple.

PostPosted: Tue Apr 24, '12, 9:10 pm 
But you can't forbid the others to "create" false couple if they want to ! That's the "reason" for this thread to be open ! So no problem for me if the people here want to discuss about it :) Even if the couples are invented, like many people can do in fanfics :)

PostPosted: Tue Apr 24, '12, 10:47 pm 
No one can forbid anything, but the difference is that you can give a reason why Rhys x Maia is your favorite couple, and others can comment over your choice, making it a discussion, and not a simple list. For example, I could say I don't like Rhys x Maia because it is somewhat abusive, since Maia was memoryless and helpless, or say I tend to agree because his determination for risking his life when he could conveniently marry Lena and let it be was touching (just an example on how to enrich the discussion).

As for Rolf x Anna, one could only say "they are my fave characters", and no one would add anything me relevant than "I prefer Shir because she is hotter"

If the purpose was to elaborate on the fictional couples, like "Alys was too independent for her relationship with Rune to work out", or "She showed some housewife and motherly qualities that would make her a good wife, given she was allowed to remain active and her husband was not bossy or too clingy", it would a lot more fun and enriching, giving new ideas and POV to people to think about.

PostPosted: Tue Apr 24, '12, 11:50 pm 
Discussion is always good. :)

I suppose if I were to pick a favorite couple, I'd go with Ayn/Sari or Alys/Rune. PS III has a lot of couples, but out of all them, that's the one that holds the most story interest for me. I'm not a huge fan of Rhys/Maia for various reasons, but I can tolerate it easier because it leads to Sari and Sari is great. :p

I don't agree that Alys and Rune aren't an official couple. Even though they aren't together during the present day part of PSIV, the game dropped enough hints at a past relationship in the game to satisfy me that they count. ;) Alys has a lot more character than most of the other gals in the series, to me at least, which also helps.

PostPosted: Wed Apr 25, '12, 10:18 pm 
Yes, discussion is always good ! Both of you are right and I agree with what you have said Tilinelson : all is enriching, even false couples and discussion about it after (even If personally I will not try to invent some couples ;)).

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